Great Ways To Get More Backlinks

Adding more value to your site will help you get more traffic and more links. If you have a million dollars worth of valuable information, your site is going to be worth a million dollars. Most people want the million dollars and successful site but are not willing to put forth the work required to get it. You need to have a constant flow of new and good information on your site, you can’t expect your site to be a success of off a couple articles a month.

Add a Blog
Creating a blog will help you generate more backlinks. If you want links from bloggers you have to create a blog because bloggers only read and link to blogs. Blog search engines constantly publish and link to the most recently updated blog. This is an easy way to get links because blogs are much easier to update and change than regular sites. If you are constantly updating than your blog is automatically being linked to by the blog search engine.

Comments and Reviews
If you want backlinks you have to be continually commenting! Comment on popular and well established blogs and sites. Doing this will help link you to a lot of different sites. Doing this can also help you create more traffic and if you have a blog you will get more readers which in the end will all help you get more linkbacks.

Don’t sacrifice quality for quantity on your posts. People don’t want to be linked to crap and garbage so make sure you posts and reviews are worthy of being linked to. If you wouldn’t want it linked to your site they probably don’t want it to be linked to theirs.

Be proactive, don’t wait for someone to come to you and ask you to write a review about their product. What you have to do is write a good quality review on a product and then send it to the company, most likely they will appreciate the review and article and link it back to you. You might have to do this more than once before it works but when it does it will be worth the work.

Social Bookmarking Site
Don’t be afraid to use the people around you. Get your friends, family, and coworkers to link or post one of your best articles on a social bookmarking site. Once your article is on one of these sites people can vote on the article and decide whether it is good or not. Once again you can use your friends, family, and coworkers to vote on the article and get the ball rolling. If your article is good enough it will generate lots of visitors, comments, reviews, and inevitably links!

Overall getting links is going to take effort, time, and persistence, if you want the reward you have to do the work.

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