Freelance writing opportunities

A person, who is working with multiple customers and is scripting articles for them, is primarily a part time writer or freelancer. This is applicable to them who have freelance writing opportunities on various projects. This area is expanding on a regular basis and with the support of the World Wide Web it is providing opportunities to many budding writers and freelancers. Here the articles that can be found includes feature writing, write ups on newest trends, styles and fashion and a variety of socio economic and political topics.

The beginners in this field have a feeling that as long as they can join a few sentences, they will have ample opportunity. But that is exactly not true. One requires acumen and has a flair for flawless writing skills. This is especially true on the internet, where the content must to the point and has an attention grabbing style. If you want to move beyond that and earn a more serious income from your writing, you must be able to convince potential clients that you are the best person for their assignments. If you’re familiar with marketing and have heard of the “unique selling proposition” or “unique selling point”, then you will know how to sell your services on the internet. As a freelancer in any discipline, including freelance writing, you also should have a USP. Here are a few examples of unique selling propositions that a writer might use when they are pursuing this vocation:

  1. The writer has a deep knowledge or idea in the subject matter of the assigned topic. For example, if the write up is for a corporate white paper, then someone with years of experience in scripting white papers for major corporations is the ideal person to take up this assignment. In such cases the client does not factor in the cost; they will happily pay for such experience.
  2. The writer is able to offer comparable experience and scripting style while offering a competitive price. Some clients will consider the price as their deciding factor. But, keep in mind that in some cases, by offering a very low price will make the writer look too inexperienced. Hence, before quoting the price to the client, always consider the market and the general trend in pricing.
  3. You may have some industry connections that make you ideal for a particular assignment. Then consider this as your USP and get the contracts. For example, if some one is looking for a writer in the field of music and you have contacts with the major record labels, then you definitely have an edge.

As a writer, you need to understand the area you would like to sell your core competence. The USP of each individual writer may differ. Some may offer the lowest price, while others may provide high quality job. Understand your potential and the market where you would like to operate. Use the freelance writing opportunities to your best use and reap huge benefits from it.

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