Forever Together- Entry no 7(Paranormal Romance)

I didn’t buy her silver jewelry anymore, and we spent our days indoors and went out at night. Kissing had been the toughest challenge, but we had gradually mastered it, and those blood red lips had become my addiction. Hormonal spikes were at a different level when it came to her and the scars on my back were witness to that.

All that mattered though when I looked at that pale beautiful white face was that I wanted to wake up the next morning lying next to her under the bed. I still remember the tears in those gleaming eyes when she had stepped on the splinter from my broken wooden study table. And the adrenaline rushes I had from creeping into the blood bank during postings gave me an invigorating thrill. The main challenge now was how to convince my parents to accept her as part of my life. It had taken a long time for me but I had embraced the truth. Things had improved a lot from that point on. I had realized that everyone has their flaws and we all have our secrets. And living in this world where anything was possible, I had acknowledged it. They would have to accept it. But they didn’t. It all turned out wrong. First the disbelief, then the fear followed by the anger. The threats had followed, and that was the final straw.

Everything spiraled in my head as I lay in her arms. “Are you sure honey?” she asks again.

“Yes my love.”

And as I feel the piercing pain and blood trickling down my neck, I snap out of the compulsion I’ve been under and let out a scream.

“Forever together now baby.” I hear her shrill voice echo as my gums begin to ache.

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