For the Natural Look Clean and Steam Skin – Scintillating Saturdays

Clean it, steam it, and pamper your skin for that silky, soft to touch look. For skin to look silkier, clean it meticulously according to its nature. Oily skin has a wetlook shine , while dry skin tends to be flaky and taut . Some skins are combination of oily – dry, others  serenely normal. Do your typecasting, then choose the proper cleanser.

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For oily skin problems, scrub three times daily with a medicated soap to reduce the oily shine and enlarged
pores. Always take in a moderate amount of sun, fresh air, and exercise. Use a medicated foundation or a liquid powder, which has a water base. Pat on oil absorbing translucent pressed powder; use brush-on rather than cream blushers.

Dry skin has that taut, drawn feeling after you wash your face. You chap and peel easlly in winter, the lower humidity is responsible; summers, the wind and sun do the drying. Dry skin may be caused by overzealous dieting; If you eat no fat, you cut out vitamins your skin needs. To take care of dry skin, wash twice daily with a creamy cleanser, gentle transparent  soap, or a cold cream soap. Lather on creams generously to prevent drying. Use a moisturizer before you apply makeup or even if you don’t. Evenings, use a night cream, especially under eyes, and on lips. Eat your fair share of whole milk, butter, eggs, green vegetables, and seafood. Before using make-up, talk to the cosmetician at a beauty counter as most companies have special products for dry skin. Use a creamy foundation and blusher and the barest minimum of 20&l=bil&camp=213689&creative=392969&o=1&a=B00578KS70

Normal skin is the perfect no-problem look that everybody wants. To keep it that way, wash twice daily with a creamy cleanser or a gentle soap. Neglected normal skin becomes dry, so protect it; smooth on moisturizer
under your make-up and at night especially in winter, and especially under your eyes. You may not need make-up at all. At most, use a lightweight liquid foundation, and a little powder.

If your skin is a mixture of two types of skin—oily and normal, or oily and dry, you have what is called combination skin. Usually the oilier patches are straight down the middle, forehead, nose, and chin, while the rest of your face is drier. Sometimes this half and half condition becomes exaggerated because your cheeks and the area around your eyes suffer from the frequent sudsing you use to control the oilier sections of your skin.
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Combination skin puts you on a double schedule—you have to treat each section separately. Twice a day, wash your face with a cleansing liquid or a mild soap, then pat astringent where your skin is oily. Use a light-textured liquid or one of the powder-and-foundation creams in a tube. Powder as little as necessary; use an absorbent pressed powder for touch-ups on the shiny, oily parts.

Pamper your skin continuously and lovingly, with all the handy helpers that make silkier skin more attainable. To do this, equip your purse and locker with miniatures of the preparations that do the most good for you.

Tuck a foil-wrapped medicated towelette or skin freshener into any schoolbook you use in the morning, and do the beauty bit between classes. Keep your hair off your face, avoid bangs if your skin is troubled, and keep it as clean as your face, washing and rinsing as often as needed. Pamper yourself before bedtime with a long, luxurious bath.

Relax at least once a week with a facial mask while your skin enjoys a lovely rest. Hide behind your mask when you know you won’t be interrupted. Lie on a slant board so that you can recline with your feet comfortably elevated. This stimulates circulation. Slumber for your skin’s sake. Adequate sleep, seven, to nine hours nightly, depending upon your needs, is a real beauty maker, especially for preventing dark shadows and pufflness, and putting a clear, wink-worthy sparkle in your eyes.

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