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Gift lists written up? Or, maybe you’re ahead of the curve and have already bought yours. If not  you have the unique opportunity to try out a more environmentally friendly approach. You can do this by something as simple as changing your gift wrap options. However, there are loads of other ways that can aid you in this, and save you money.

Green gifting ideas can include avoiding gifts that need battery use. It’s interesting to note that the Christmas season is responsible for about 40 per cent of all battery sales. That’s crazy to think about, especially as discarded batteries are an environmental hazards. Most of us buy gifts that re- quire batteries for kids, but there are other options, like naturally powered toys. You can also turn your eyes to stuffed animals, board games or books, to name a few of those gift items that don’t need an added boost to have loads of fun.


What about considering gifts from recycled sources? Across the world, there are many people and small businesses that are doing their best with what they have, and creating beautiful and handy products in the process. You can even check gifts you’re purchasing for information about where and how they were produced, so you know it you’re on the green track or not.

I do not re-gift but one of the ways people are trying to stay green is by doing so. Re-gifting is when you pass on a gift that you received , but do not necessarily need or want. Now if you’re going to do this, I suggest that you find out from the person you got it to you, if that would be okay.  The truth is, if you were given the gift from a place of genuine warmth, that person shouldn’t really mind if someone else gets more use out of something they bought for you. However, still tread lightly with this one; everyone will not be as understanding.

Cut down on gift wrapping, batteries and everything else that will simply end up in the landfill, by making homemade gifts. This can be an especially fun activity to do with your children or younger siblings, as they generally enjoy making gifts for their loved ones. You can also consider homemade baked goods as a delightful treat during the season, or giving ‘gift cards’. These don’t have to be for a trip to the spa or a shopping spree, but can be little things you’re willing to do for your recipients. For example: Dinner for two prepared by the kids, for mum and dad, or a week of car washes for an older brother. Whatever the case, this can also help those who are working with a low-budget, or none at all.

Gift Green this Holiday Season

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