Dental Clinic Displays to Entertain Patients

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Others may find a trip to the dental clinic quite scary. However, it is necessary to maintain those pearly whites in tip-top shape, even though some procedures might frighten patients. It would help to fill the clean white rooms with items that might make the trip a little bit easier. Here are seven dental clinic displays to entertain patients.

1. Posters

Let’s start with something informative. Posters are an excellent way of conveying dental information to your patients while they are staying in the waiting room or the actual clinic. It can serve both as encouragement or a warning of what can happen when they don’t take care of their teeth. Other posters also let you know how to take care of your teeth well if you do not want to display the parts of your mouth.

These posters are easy to create and easier to find. You can probably purchase them from any bookstore or online shopping websites. You can also make your own to add a little personal spin to it.  Maybe you can use tips from our blogs to put into the poster.

2. Models

Another informative display for patients is a model of perfect teeth. You can accompany these models with signages that let patients know either what purpose is the part the signs point to or how to better take care of them.

If you want to show a more personal approach, you can use the before and after moulds of your patients that used braces, with their permission, of course. These displays can show your effectivity as a dentist.

3. Kid-approved Dental Clinic

Probably the patients whose attention you need to catch fast are children. In most children’s oral health facts, as easy it is to grab their focus, it is effortless to lose it too. The best displays can be those that children love the most, which are toys. Here is a list of what you could get for your clinic.

  • Dentist set: children are more likely to be less afraid of something they understand and have more control over. You can gauge their expectations with how they play with the set.
  • Pulling teeth toy: you have probably seen this toy as a croc or as a dog, where you take turns pressing a tooth, and the winner is the one who is not bitten by the toy. It would be fun for any child or adult who is a child at heart. The best part is it does not make any mess.
  • Coloring books: how lovely would it be if you could hang the artworks of your tiny patients? Coloring books aren’t exactly toys, but they do grab the attention of children or even stressed adults. It will be even more fun if you include teeth shaped erasers.

These are only a few of the many toys you can include in your clinic. The best part is it is easy to find online or in toy stores. You could also make your own coloring book if you had the extra time. Possibly add some modernbobbleheads as well.

4. Witty

It would be hard to go through life without a bit of comedy. Earlier, the article mentioned posters, but only the informative kind. How about a “Keep Calm and…” meme for the dental clinic? There is a lot of inspiration on the internet, why not design a quote based off of it. You can also use other memes. The youth would love your office. It can also be an ice breaker among patients.

When your dentist looks at your teeth, sometimes it can remind you of a bobblehead moving up and down to check your molars. There is a display online that is similar. It is a bobblehead with a stethoscope. It is something your patients would appreciate and maybe even play. You can find one here.

5. Movie Inspired

It would be pretty cool if there were some pop culture references in a dentist’s office. Maybe try to place in an aquarium with a clownfish and a picture of Darla on the side. Your patients would recognize Finding Nemo right off the bat.

Another fun dental clinic display would be the Jaws poster with a hole in the middle to fit a patient’s head. You could also dial it back down with a small model of a shark whose mouth is wide open. Another display could be the smile of the Cheshire Cat hanging on the wall. Any kid growing up to Alice in Wonderland can recognize the cat’s mischievous smile.

6. Movies and TV Shows

While having movie references is fun, why not show the actual movies? You can entertain anybody in the waiting room with a legally acquired film and show it to your patients while you are treating another. Try using the movies mentioned earlier, or maybe cartoons that show their leads going to the clinic. Present your younger patients with the “Pups Save a Toof” Paw Patrol segment or “The Dentist” Peppa Pig episode.

7. Artwork

In case your patients require a more sophisticated ensemble from you, you can use different forms of artwork to posh up the place. How about a big grin with a watercolor design? Some artwork can be subtle, while others can be the opposite.

A sculpture of a tooth with extra elements can also work if done well. You can find paintings and sculptures with themes on teeth and dentistry on the internet. You can make an exhibit out of your waiting room. Some art can also be functional, like a teeth-themed clock. Find the display that best suits the environment you want to portray.

A dentist appointment can be intimidating, and having these displays can lessen the anxiety. However, don’t overdo it with too much. Tie the room together with the perfect balance for all kinds of patients.

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