Dearest Lily- Entry no 5(Paranormal Romance)

Dearest Lily,

I remember my grandfather telling me that there is life in the trees. They seemed old, wise and patient beyond all years. I was mystified. Then I grew up and learned to forget.

But I still remember our first meeting. What I remember isn’t an exchange of words or holding of hands. It was the final embrace of two old souls after a long waltz around the universe. Then I died.

If you want to know, I recall nothing of how it happened. It was like going to sleep in a familiar room and waking up in another. They planted me in the ground and your eyes set free delicate pearls that fell to the earth like rain.

All the years between then and now are written on my body. With roots of old, I am now a tree – reaching for the heavens. And under my open arms you lie, with your soul bare and heart open. The breeze carries the song of my heart to you as you dance with the wind.

How I wish I could share our love with the world! Much unlike the time I secretly and jealously watched you from afar – brave, beautiful and immortal, living through all the years with their seasons. I sometimes wonder what they see, when the walk past the most beautiful flower in the shade of the oldest tree.

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