CLEP Testing

Do you know for a fact that you have a college student who can test out of certain classes? Do you have little Albert Einstein living with you? Is it possible you are raising the next Bill Gates? Then you need to take the time to find out about CLEP testing before sending your intelligent student off to school.

There is something called CLEP that enables students the opportunity to test out of some of their core college courses. Things such as English, Algebra, World History and many other subjects can be avoided in a classroom environment in lieu of testing out of these subjects.

The biggest advantage that the parent receives for this is of course, not having to pay for a class which your student can already master. One other advantage to the CLEP testing is for kids who come from high schools which do not prepare them for the core entrance requirements of a college or university. If a parent knows that the college or university will frown on their child for not having all of the credits they need to realize a healthy push forward into their college then CLEP testing can prove the child is a worthy candidate for the college. However, you’ll need to check with the college or university to see if they look at CLEP scores in the admissions process.

CLEP testing is enabling parents to save their money and students to save their time on classes they can already breeze through but often, if the student test out of several college level courses, then the student is recognized by admissions committees as being a student which the school will want to consider for enrollment.

You can help your student prepare for CLEP tests too by purchasing study guides which will further enable them to ace the tests of CLEP. Check out educational websites for more CLEP information and find out what the college or university’s guidelines are in regards to the CLEP testing.

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