Can a Woman Really Have it All?

Can a woman really have it all?

Her career, her relations a vivacious life above all?
Can she stand up and dodge her deliberate downfalls?
And break the glass ceiling and layers of social walls?
Can she really have it all?

Do you know what its like , being in her shoes?
When hundred errands from private and professional life upon her break loose?
She is directed to do that and this
Ever cared for what she desired and wish?
Can our moms really have it all ?Hannah - Empowered Woman

The men just work; come home domestically free
Sit like kings , ask demanding for tea
Now such isn’t completely the pic of our times
Neither such chauvinistic traits are that of mine
Women have to fight even for a fair chance
When judgmental world decides it all at a glance
Can our sisters really have it all?

My girlfriend and I share a special bond
Without each other our hearts like vagabonds
Confronting the truth , the truth is harsh
The space for both of our career and relation is sparse
An independent chic who now prioritizes me
I feel privileged but “that” I just couldn’t see
Equally likely in that situation we men could also be
The love is shared so are the responsibilities
She now can have both leaving back her anxieties
But I am in fix for why should she pick ?
Leaving a part of her doesn’t she feel sick?
As a boyfriend and a boss I have two different roles
Choose one and I will be a hollow soul
Can your loved one really have it all?

Calling out to all the women and men
To all non-racist , non- biased modern next-gen
‘she’ always had it , she REALLY can have it all!
The question is will she be allowed to have it all?
For the closest of people sometimes lead to your downfall
Their insensitivity really makes them unwanted walls

Yes she can and she will really have it all!
It with non-egoistical , sane men
That times are such as, when
Women like beautiful butterflies will rise
Men will be emotionally confident and wise
The amalgamation of the two will be so nice
Of which the modern patriarch denies…

About the Poet: Kabir Jain is currently pursuing a 5 year Integrated Programme in Management from IIM, Indore. He’s 18 years old and penning down thoughts is a medium of venting out his emotions and a way of perceiving the happenings around the world.

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