Bursting the Bubble – Scope & CSE

“CSE mein bahut scope hai!”

This sentence is the greatest trap that has ever been laid out. This is me trying to help you not get into it.

Is it true that most jobs in India for engineering graduates are IT related? Yes! Is it true that generally the largest percentage of entry level high paying jobs are for CS/IT graduates? Yes! Phir toh CSE mein bahut scope hona chhahiye, right?

Every year if you look at the campus placements, there’s usually about 30 people who are placed in the very top tier companies and about 50 others in other top tier companies. First of all, within these top tier companies, not all have a job profile that ensure high personal and professional growth – a high paying job but one that doesn’t provide this growth is infact very damaging in the long run. There would be an additional 50 placement opportunities that maybe low paying in the beginning but provides you with amazing personal growth and future career opportunities, which is a great deal even if you earn less money at the moment and you should take it. So that means there’s about 100 good placement positions in a year for a CS/IT/CCE graduate. Considering there’s about 500-600 students in CSE/IT/CCE combined (combined because all of them are mostly equally considered for all these companies). I am not sure about the exact batch sizes because it keeps increasing every year, but if you consider 600 students (which will be true, since some ECE/EEE and students from some other branches who want such a job profile will inevitably compete with you, albeit with little success), you have a 1 in 6 chances of getting into a decent company. And you have less than 1 in 12 chances of getting into an amazing company. To think that you are that good is always cocky, even if you really are.

That’s the campus placement side of things. The campus placement makes your life extremely easy. Here, you only have to compete amongst these 600 people. On an off campus recruitment, you are competiting with the rest of the country. And if you are in a field like Data Science, the amount of competition is just insane! Just step on to Linkedin for a moment to understand this massive competition you are up against. It feels like the entire world wants to be a data scientist when half of them think inserting an API and calling a function makes them a data scientist.

So when should you be cocky enough to believe you can be one of those 1 in 12 people? Only if you are confident of your love for the subject. And you are confident this is what you wanna do for the rest of your life. If you are sure of it, CSE mein bahut scope hai. Bahut hi zyada. If you remove the 100 people, there’s 500 left who are placed in companies with low career growth, low personal development and low pay. That sucks. Half of this is again MRCs (Mass Recruiters) which is even worse. So think about it before you pick up CS, or IT or CCE.

Are you sure you can be the 1 in 12? If yes, pick it, don’t even think twice. If not, take a long hard look at your choice.

I know people in CSE in the 4th year, who have crazy GPAs like 9.6 or even 9.8 but can’t even write a small piece of good code. They can’t solve any problems above an easy difficulty and just forget software development. Some even write the entire code indented to the left. Do you see how crazy bad it is? You end up getting a CS degree, sure, but you are not employable. Except in mundane non rewarding jobs that MRCs offer. That’s probably not where you want to be.

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