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Football — how many positive and interesting events this sport offers its fans! That is why it has been attracting fans from around the world for a long time. Many fans try to attend live matches as much as possible, because stadiums allow them to enjoy a great game together with friends and colleagues, receiving bright emotions. If you are into Fantasy football, here’s a pretty good list of soccer bookies singapore for you, so be sure to take a look at that!

Among the many of today’s football results, the championships of the best European countries stand out: England, Spain, Italy, Germany, as well as France.

So far, it is the representatives of these countries who are most interesting to the fans, although in recent years the Netherlands, Portugal and Russia have been trying to compete with them in terms of entertainment and popularity. The best representatives of the top-5 tournaments represent their countries in the Champions League and Europa League – tournaments, which always provide a fascinating struggle of strong clubs for championship trophies.

Today’s football results also demonstrate the desire of the teams to play fast and attacking football, which can not only please the fans but also bring important victories in the confrontations. But many clubs should not forget about the defensive game in order to compete with stronger opponents on the way to the title.

Italian Serie A results and serious rivalry in the new season

Over the past seasons, Italy has somewhat weakened its position at the club and national levels, but it still attracts football fans with interesting performance in the championships. Meanwhile, the national team has already entered Euro 2020, showing much better football than before. Whatever it was, Serie A results in the new season are amazing – the powerful Juventus finally has a serious competitor – Inter – who started the tournament very well.

In addition to Milan club, Juventus rivals are:

  • Napoli
  • Atalanta
  • Roma

The great Milan, as well as Fiorentina and Torino,  are still far from the ideal performance, and at the moment they can only dream of the European Cup zone. But their plans could be disrupted by Lazio, which also claims high positions in the standings.

The new season is in full swing, and the results of Serie A have already managed to give a lot of emotions to loyal fans. In the first rounds, Inter was invincible, but in the clash of Italian football titans, it lost to the eternal rival from Turin, Juventus. Cristiano Ronaldo, who has so far scored little, has not yet fully revealed his powers. However, a few people doubt his abilities. The intrigue is still alive, so many fans are hoping for its continuation in the upcoming matches.

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