Inhale and Exhale are one of the most basic of things we do each day yet the most powerful weapon of life. The science of breathing stands on quite ancient foundations and tells us that breathing deserves much closer attention as controlling your breathing calms your brain, reduce stress, control emotions, the rhythm of breathing controls memory and much more. But as breathing is so basic, it’s easier to ignore. A conscious effort is required to keep our breath healthy which in turn keeps our body and soul fit and happy!

Must be wondering what I am trying to convey? Trying to co-relate with one of the beautiful answers I came across to the question What is Success? Success is like breathing which should always be harnessed! Then this thought struck to my mind isn’t that we all are in constant chase of something better? Redefining success every time we achieve one? Never settle with what we have? Never satisfied with what we do?

So once in a while, it is important to press the pause button and harness the things you achieved! Go out enjoy the good food, see places , meet people , laze out and do nothing, attend that friends meet up you always missed, take your parents to that family trip they crib, buy that new dress which you always thought would suit you and many more which you thought could be done once you achieve something more! Because that “something more” can never be defined and each time you achieve them it keeps updating. So it’s important to pause and harness the good you achieved and embrace them!

But it is also important to chase that “something more” isn’t it? If we are satisfied and contented with whatever we have then the hunger to achieve something more will die. We may become too comfortable with what we have which is again dangerous as we may stop chasing for the best of our potential. So what do you think is the right balance?

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