BITS Pilani FAQs: Electronics and Instrumentation Engeineering

How is Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering ?

What are  positives and negatives of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering at BITS Pilani?

The branch is quite interesting though people say it is the toughest branch and curriculum. But it is a core branch having a great scope for research and equivalent job opportunities.


  1. Has multiple courses similar to EEE and can take the courses which are different in the form of electives
  2. Course structure is closely in synchronization with the industry


  1. Heaviest course structure
  2. Faculty may not be very good
  3. If you want to switch your field once you do enter, you’ll have to work extra hard.


What you will learn in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, and what are the nearest JEE topics to them?

By pursuing Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, we can learn a lot about microprocessors, power systems , semiconductors  and various instrumentation devices.

Nearest JEE topics ac circuits, semiconductors and transistors.

What are good dual options with E&I and why?

  • M.Sc. Mathematics + EEE/E&I
  • M.Sc. Physics+ EEE/E&I
  • With M.Sc. Economics, one can take any B.E. course
  • M.Sc. Biotechnology + EEE/E&I due to new scope epidermic electronic systems

What is the scope of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering in future?

  • Hewlett Packard , google , Schlum, IBM etc.
  • HP provides instrumentation related work
  • Google is only related to coding but  provides a big package
  • Schlum provides training to engineers but  it is a chemical company but provides a big package
  • IBM provides work related to coding as well as electronics and instrumentation

NOTE: This is valid for all PHOENIX Courses i.e ECE,EEE,ENI:

  1. Do not rely on your professors to teach you something. Download lecture videos from DC and watch them. You’ll learn more from them.
  2. Pay attention to all the three math courses (M1, M2, and M3). They’ll be used in great depth in various courses.
  3. Never miss a lecture of some professors (get the list from your seniors)
  4. If there is a quiz component in the course, attend the class even if you think that it is only a rumour about quiz. Quizzes will play a major role in deciding your total score at semester end.

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