Betrayal- Entry no 3(Paranormal Romance)

It’s 1:00 a.m but still Anika is awake, this is the day for she which she has been waiting for so long.Tommorow she is going to marry the person whom she loves the most”Vaibhav”,the love of her life. She met Vaibhav during a conference meeting at noida.He was the most elegant person she had ever met. During the meeting they get to know each other better and today finally they are going to marry. She always gets amazed that how Vaibhav managed to think of new ideas to give her surprise and to make her happy. The thought of how he purposed her in front of the whole office and in her 24th birthday how he managed to seek into her house in the midnight just to be the first person to wish her still makes her heart skip a beat. Everyone in Anika’s house is running to Anika’s room. Everyone’s face is looking pale and horrified.Anika was lying dead in her room. She had been murdered. After few hours police was there in Anika’s house getting all the details about her. They started to look for a reason of her murder, they started searching her room. There was nothing unusual, few photographs were there of Anika and Vaibhav and few letters. As the police starts flipping through the letters they found that a letter was there written to Anika by Roshan.Everyone in the house was stunned, the day fixed for marriage is now going to be the day of funeral. As the investigation proceeds the police was able to find about Roshan.He is a mental patient who had been admitted to the hospital 2 years before. Everything was so confusing. Somehow police was able to find the address of roshan, they started searching his house to get some clue. And after hours, they found a photograph which revealed all the mystery behind the murder. After the investigation they reached Vaibhav’s house and arrested him. All the members in Anika’s family were shocked to know that the person whom she loved the most is the one who killed her. All wanted to know why he had done this. After investigation it was found that the person in hospital is vaibhav’s brother.Roshan was in the same college as that of Anika, he used to like him a lot. One day he purposed him but Anika insulted him in front of all the people in the college that how a person whose face is as black as coal, who doesn’t have any guts,charm,qualities can even think to talk to her, as she is beautiful,intelligent,smart enough. After this incidence Roshan was mentally depressed and was not able to cope with the situation. Gradually his condition become worst and got admitted into hospital.Vaibhav was deeply shaken because of all this and he decided to take revenge for all this from Anika.And now finally the revenge was over.

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  1. what a story…………… i really liked it …………… it is d best story i have read in dis page …….keep writing…………….actually we can make a short film on dis……….
    keep writing

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