What are the Best Practices to Implement Pre Employment Tests?

Pre-employment tests are popular in today’s world. Enterprises can simplify the hiring process, reduce the time taken to select a candidate, and also cut down the money spent on the process. All this is possible without compromising the quality of the hiring process. Pre employment tests have increased the quality of hire. The tests have helped enterprises reduce the percentage of bad hires and employee turnover rates.

Small, medium, and large scale enterprises can opt for pre employment tests and conduct them to hire eligible candidates. Be it an entry-level job or a top-level position, the tests are suitable for every job in every industry. Many enterprises have successfully implemented the tests and achieved effective results.

But one cannot help but ask the question- will using a pre employment test guarantee results?

The answer to this question is tricky. While the test will help in many ways, it can also not deliver the exact results. Why? Because the enterprise chose a wrong test form to conduct the test or incorrect parameters to validate the test. This will lead to a shortlist of candidates who may or may not be suitable for the job.

The pre employment testing company provides round the clock support and assistance to the enterprises. The company will help in choosing the test form, conducting the test, and validating them. However, the actual decision will be taken by the enterprise.

Enterprises can follow certain procedures to avoid such mistakes from happening and to get as accurate results as possible from the tests. These are known as best practices that help in correctly implementing pre employment tests.

Start with Job Requirement Analysis

Every job has a detailed job description that talks about the roles and responsibilities of the employee. These determine the personality and behavioral traits an employee should possess to take up the job. Even though the pre employment testing company has test forms for individual jobs, if these do not align with the requirements of the job and the enterprise, the test forms will not help in choosing the right candidate.

When to Conduct the Test- During the Early Stages or the Final Stages

When is the right time to conduct the test? Should it be during the early stages of hiring or towards the final stages where there will be only a handful of candidates? This depends on various factors. Enterprises have tried both methods and got successful results. If the test aims to shortlist eligible candidates, the test should be conducted during the initial stages. It will effectively filter and sort the best from the rest. But if the aim is to compare candidates, the test has to be conducted when eligible candidates are already filtered through other hiring methods. Some enterprises use pre employment assessments at different stages of recruiting.

When to Use Video Interviews?

Video interviews are a part of pre employment tests. These interviews are 6x times faster than personal face to face interviews. They also make it easy to analyze the candidates and select the best ones. Most enterprises use video interviews towards the final stages of hiring.

Another advantage of video interviews is that the recruiters can watch the videos multiple times before making a decision. Also, candidates who are not comfortable with personal interviews tend to do better and show more confidence during video interviews. The risk of losing a potential candidate is less.

The Complexity of the Tests- Use Existing Test Forms or Customize New Forms

The pre employment testing companies have a vast database from which the recruiters can pick and choose subjects, topics, and modules to create a new test form. The Test Advisor will assist the recruiters with the process of customizing the test form.

Enterprises use both existing tests and also create new ones. The decision will depend on the specific requirements of the enterprise. Some enterprises have additional specifications and want candidates with certain skills. Unnecessary customization can lead to a complicated test form and hinder the chances of choosing the right candidate.

How Does Benchmarking Work? To Test Existing Employees or Not

Some enterprises have tried the method of conducting the pre employment test for their existing employees to create a benchmark. This benchmark is used to determine the validation criteria for the tests. Though this process is quite useful and even recommended, enterprises have to be careful in choosing employees for the test. Picking mediocre employees might give similar results. Consider more than the employee’s years of experience when choosing them for the test.

To get successful results, enterprises should have a proper plan of action and follow it step by step during the hiring process. Enterprises can contact the leading pre employment testing company and request a demo.

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