Azadi – A Musical Night Opens Doors


Manipal is back on its game. Manipal Digest, a news and media body of MAHE collaborated with Rangasthalam and got the party back on its feet again. AZADI, a legendary musical event, was conducted at Zeal- a rooftop bar and grill on the 7th of February, which turned out to be a resounding success with the same energy as its name. Scheduled to start at 6:30 pm in the evening, members of both the committees dived into the location early in the morning to make the final arrangements. After having jazzed up the place, the committee welcomed its guests with much excitement. The event saw a crowd of more than 200 people.

The event began with a small interaction with the audience to set the mood for the event and create a fun atmosphere. Half of the exceptional singer-songwriters, Fraternal Twins, opened the vibrant evening with a medley of popular songs, with the audience themselves joining in for the chorus. As dusk turned to night and the drinks started flowing, the energy of the lineup started peaking as well, with the crowd being subjected to no less than 2 covers of the Prateek Kuhad classic cold//mess, from the Fraternal Twin and vocalist Abhay alike. Raw talent and flair delivered itself to the crowd in the form of singer Liza, with her soaring covers. The crowd roared through the rendition of O Sanam, followed by a little something for the Conan Gray fans, going crazy for Tejas’s roaring cover of Heather, perhaps the center piece of the show. The audience went nuts for Tejas’s original “Take Me Home,” which stole the show. Hours flew by as each performance stole our hearts and soul. Drinks and food were on a roll as everyone enjoyed the aesthetic ambiance. The iconic Saade Paanch band took over the stage late in the evening and drove the stage on fire, followed by the iconic G.C.R. , a beatboxer to put a 808 drum machine out of business. The audiences were truly an indispensable part of making the event a huge success. Whilst incessantly changing and matching their hype to every performance, they all stood united until the very last gig of the night. From screaming to dancing to flashing lights, Azadi put up an extravagant, fun, and memorable night for the students to enjoy.

Written by Shashmitha Vani

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