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Hey everyone! Meet Logan. Nah! He’s not the wolverine but he’ll probably grow up to be just as mean. He was a stray puppy. Needed a home. Now, he has one.


He is one of the few puppies that have been fished out of a vicious game of “dumb ways to die”. Is he lucky? Well, that is something I cannot particularly affirm, but he has been saved from the many travails of those puppies born on the streets. A lot of them don’t make it. Their life is a fight for survival. They get eaten, starve to death, fall sick, get run over, inhumanly stoned and beaten. Well, I wish to save you the gory picture. The gist is, their life is not exactly hakuna matata!IMG_20141107_201334

Yes, they multiply like cockroaches under a rock. And then you get chased around by the mommy if you have the misfortune of going too close to a litter. And the time you land up smack in the middle of a dog fight, you are just glad that you got out of it in one piece. They even aren’t really dog show material, now are they? A golden retriever would be way better.

Sure yeah it would be cuter. But tell me, do you pick your friends and family the same way, grade them based on how they look or how posh they are? Their breeding capabilities are a cause for concern. That is why they should be sterilized. And killing them? Well, that hasn’t really yielded good results and not to mention that it is inhuman. If you relocate them, their place will just be taken over by another.

There are some organizations that look out for them and put them up for adoption. Won’t it be better if there were fewer but with better lives? Instead of being disgusted at the innards of a flattened puppy or cat, won’t it be nicer to hear their bark or mew of welcome when you return home after a long day?

For those of you whose hearts crack and shatter in a million pieces at the sight of a cute, sad little fur ball and mend themselves flawlessly a second later, feeding them is not a criminal offence. I know your heart goes out to them and you’d take them home if you had the chance but you can’t. I am just like you. I would give a lot to get an apartment and a vehicle and adopt a puppy. And a cat. And a bird. But we can’t.

Even though I am a hostel dweller, I have enjoyed the acquaintance of the local fauna around the hostel. I would love to introduce you to fat dog, Doggie, Spot, Em, sleepy dog, pregnant cat and Garfield but these guys deserve more space which I can’t give them here. And then the langurs. Befriend them and they will make sure you don’t forget them anytime soon.

when monkey in the middle becomes dog in the middle!


The moments you spend with them are magical. They make your day. They drive away your boredom. They melt the coldest hearts. They make your profile pictures better. They don’t speak English. They are not human. Yet they are your best friends.


They deserve a home. They deserve a fighting chance. They deserve love. And when they get love, they will love you back like no other. Actually, they will love you even when you don’t love them.  They will never abandon you, even if you do.


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