A Letter to Manipalites

Dear Manipalites,

Today as one among us suffers the unspeakable brutality that humanity sometimes inexplicably inflicts on its subjects, let us feel her pain, let us treat it as our own. Today as our hollow pride is humbled by reality, as our citadel of conceit stands breached, let us unite in our grief. Let us reflect and act.
Remember when you told your family and friends that manipal was a safe haven for women, that it was a liberal oasis in a desert of parochialism? Turns out it was all boastful arrogance. Come to think of it, maybe the signs were all there, maybe we in our conceit and indifference we missed them. Remember the indignant resentment of the auto boss when you tried to haggle with him? maybe it wasn’t greed alone, maybe there was something simmering deeper within him, maybe, maybe not.
Maybe we are a part of the society after all, one which we so despise, maybe we are as susceptible to its prejudice, its bigotry and its malevolence. How very unfortunate that the realisation has come at such a grave price. As we wallow in shock, horror and anger, let us realize that action needs to be taken. Let us channel our rage.
In the coming days, a reactionary mindset, both from among us and from others will tell us that a price needs to be paid for security. That dilution of independence is inevitable. Let us remember then what Benjamin Franklin told us about transient security and permanent freedom. Let us realize that what we need, what we deserve, is not oppressive, constrictive security but genuine safety, safety which ensures fearless freedom to all students and staff irrespective of gender.
There may yet be something for us to take pride in after all. Maybe we are different. Maybe, maybe not.
Sai Krishna
This is  a guest post by Sai Krishna. He is pursuing MBBS at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal. Sai Krishna is a self-confessed Politics and Current Affairsjunkie and wannabe writer.
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