7 Ways of Finding a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

domestic help in hong kong

Ways of finding domestic helpers in Hong Kong have developed through the years. With the expanding demand for domestic helpers, the market is also growing extensively. And different activities have been practiced in Hong Kong to find domestic helpers. Here are some of them.

Referral from friends and relatives is a common and reliable way to find a domestic helper. Your friends and relatives might know someone who worked for them before. They are referring the helper because they find her trustworthy and are confident that the helper will do well in caring for your household. Another form of referral is through friends and relatives of your present employee. Your maid might have a friend or relative willing to work as a domestic helper. Such endorsements guarantee that the domestic helpers referred are of good moral character.

The mission of the traditional agencies comes in. Traditional agencies are responsible for looking for the suitable domestic helper you want. The employer sets the requirements for domestic helpers while the agencies look for the perfect, or even closer, match. The agencies do the preliminary screening and evaluation, after which they prepare the necessary documentation before the employer hires the domestic helper. This is a convenient way of looking for competent and qualified domestic helpers.

Speaking of convenience, internet platforms and advertisements are the perfect tools to consider. Online domestic helper websites in Hong Kong are a breakthrough in this service field. Domestic helper sites provide vital information employers are interested in. They also serve as search engines for finding a suitable domestic helper. Through the internet, employers can evaluate domestic helpers’ profiles and choose from qualified applicants.

A forum is also a compelling venue for the use of the internet to hire a domestic helper. The exchange of interests between the employer and the domestic helpers can be freely discussed. This active communication is a healthy way of establishing the relationship between the parties even before hiring.

Posting advertisements on bulletin boards in public places is an effective way of finding domestic helpers in Hong Kong. Popular spots like Park N’ Shop and Wellcome superstores have bulletin boards that domestic helpers regularly check for job postings.

Church congregations and other organizations offer a friendly environment in looking for domestic helpers. Organizations give employers some assurance on the general values of the members. Thus, if sharing the same beliefs matters to you, look for domestic helpers from your organization.

Finally, living in a big residential estate is an advantage in the accessible hiring of domestic helpers. Your place is a common target for domestic helpers willing to offer their services to you. Having a bulletin board to post your requirement for domestic helpers is always good.

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