5 Ways the Advancements in Medicine Are Helping Patients During Heart Surgery

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Heart surgery is a very delicate surgery and can be traumatizing for you. With the advancement of technology in modern science, there are now many effective techniques which can make the process of heart surgery easier. In this article, you can know about 5 such advancements in medicine that will help heart patients during heart surgery.

Google Glass

You probably know this Gadget by Google as the one used by people for fun and entertainment, but it can be utilized in medical surgery and as a useful tool for the surgeons. Since it can take pictures, record data, and transmit images, it is a very effective technology for heart surgeons. Surgeons do not require their hands to take pictures and transmit the data he can operate while getting advice from an expert surgeon. It helps the surgeon to have an expert set of eyes from anywhere in the world to guide the surgeon.

Bioresorbable Stents

Surgeons have to use metal stents during angioplasty for artery opening. Stents are a tiny tube that is used to keep the vessel open. The problem with them is that they develop issues like clotting and overtime needs medicine, so they do not affect the health of the patient. To solve this problem, modern bioresorbable stents are now used which gets dissolved over a year. They don’t need any medicine and are not harmful to the body. However, there is a limitation. They are soft and not firm like the metal stents. However, they currently cannot be used in complex surgeries, but hopefully, their limitation will be solved soon.

Leadless Pacemaker

Pacemakers are placed by surgeons on those patients that require a faster heartbeat to live a healthy life. The pacemakers generally consist of a chamber for a battery where electricity is used to generate impulses to get a normal heartbeat. There are wires in the equipment called leads which are connected to the heart. Now many complications arise with the placement of the leads. The leadless pacemaker is developed for patients that get rid of those problems, and they have been a success.

Protein Patch

Nowadays, there are many devices used for interventional medicine. The protein patch is one of the devices used for interventional medicine. During a heart attack, the cells in the heart die and cannot regrow. These cells are very essential for the proper functioning of the heart. Modern science has developed protein that can be used to provide strength to the heart cells and help them regrow. This protein patch can help in the prevention of heart attacks. Though it is still in the development phase, you can be hopeful that it will be available soon.

Valve-in-Valve Procedure

Now animal valves are used to replace non-functioning valves as they almost perform the same way and is useful. But the problem is that they wear out quickly and require a replacement sooner than other options. The alternative to that can be using mechanical valves which are long-lasting. Mechanical valves can be used at the surgery as needed.

The life of a patient suffering from heart diseases can be really tough. Proper surgery is required for that patient. If you are having heart problems, you should not take it lightly and get checked by a heart doctor immediately.

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