Preparing for sessional exams in Manipal – How to not do it.

manipal sessional exams
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The Manipal Sessional Exams

Exams are a stressful time for anyone. Unless you’re Sheldon Cooper, obviously. So, yes. Exams are one of those flavors of ice cream that has panic and anxiety drizzled on top, with a generous amount of cluelessness instead of Choco chips for some. And even more so when you’re a fresher, giving your examination at a new institution. And to top it all off, if it’s online.

Let’s face it, online education is doing no one any favors in terms of proper education. The essence of proper classroom education we’re all used to is not found in a virtual mode, obviously. But no point harping on about it, let’s fix the problem, yes? 

In this article, you will read about a few things to NOT do when preparing for the Manipal Sessional Exams. Worry not, believe me, you got this. 


So obvious. Yet, so important. It is only natural to feel panicked seeing the timetable and realizing that you’re doomed. It is again natural that you have a ‘panic session’ with your classmates because you’re all doomed together.

The first thing you need to know is that you’re not doomed. Second, panic only worsens your performance, it is one of the key elements that hinder you from efficiency. So, firstly, do not panic. Just don’t. You will soon realize that you have got it.q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=IN&ASIN=9352641345&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL250 &tag=vishaalbhatco 21

Overwork yourself.

Okay, so you panicked and decided you want to do something about it, that is great! But you need to remember to not go berserk regarding the many hours you allocate to working. Understanding the concept is important, and once you’ve got a hand with what the concept is, you’re sorted. No point overworking yourself about something that doesn’t need it.

Prepare at the last minute.

It is believed by many that once you start doing things at the very last minute, you allot that particular activity the least possible amount of time and you still get it done! While that is true, you should also remember that you finish off the task in panic and stress.

You’re worried about completing the assignment in time, you’re worried about reading the whole 89-page PDF in time. You worry. And that is something you do not want to do. You need to start practicing starting your preparation a little earlier.

Not study.

Things to NOT do while preparing for Manipal sessional exams is forgetting to study.  This is so glaringly obvious yet sometimes we forget to do it. Ahem, cheating doesn’t always work. Having an understanding of the concept and knowing your subjects is not important solely from the examination point of you, but it helps you build yourself.

Learn about your course because you chose it, not just because of those tests. Be it online or offline, open book or not, know your stuff. All the cool kids do that.

Just study.

If you think exam time is more about burying your noses in the books, not talking to your friends, skipping meals, etc., etc., you have been doing it wrong. All work and no play make Jack a dull dude. And we don’t like dull Jacks, do we? It is all about the balance.

Talk to your family, go out with your friends, watch the last episode of Suits, do it all. But also, study thoroughly without any distractions when you’re studying. Try introducing the element of fun in everything you do; it makes life better.

Just like that, in five simple and easy tips, you’ve learned pretty much everything to have a healthy exam preparation period. You don’t want to be fretting over the Manipal Sessional exams, you can easily get through him. Just remember, this too shall pass. 

All the best!

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