5 Questions with Jaideep Rao: Person of the Day

Jaideep Rao

1. Jaideep Rao is …

a man whose punch line is “When I am here, nothing to fear”!. Highly inspired by Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, from his immense personality and deep poetry.  Also inspired by Rajnikanth at times :D. If this question was asked a year back, would have given an interview answer ;), thankfully placed with a job (Indian kid’s highest dream :P) and happily(with loads of luck)  graduated now!. Living a life midst two disasters, studies just behind the back and doomsday looming in front 😀

5 Questions with Jaideep Rao: Person of the Day 1
Jaideep Rao – I say Manipal makes you a poet :P. We are indeed inspired by life!.

2. What does Manipal and ManipalBlog bring to your mind?

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Original Manipal product! Came here for 2nd standard and ended up living 16 years (geek mind tells me that is 2 power of 4!). Have seen it loose thick greenery gradually and buildings rise exponentially. As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, once a Manipalite, always a Manipalite!

ManipalBlog is an ultra active blog bringing out true Manipal spirit. I realised the uniqueness of this blog when I was out of station during internship. For the days to come, I predict that it’ll simply get better. Looking forward to be a part of Illuminati 2012.

3. What can you tell us about the Philosopher’s stone?

People say love inspires poet in a person. I say Manipal makes you a poet :P. We are indeed inspired by life!. Started with writing small poems, now an integral part of haiku world, where three meaningful lines from heart are used to describe love, life, emotions and everything :).  I believe that writing allows one to explore the dreams and make them come true. Message to friends who want to blog –  Experiment, fail and rise again to triumph – In life and in writing. Cheers!

To know more do visit Philosopher’s Stone. Comments, suggestions, likes, criticisms are always welcome :).

4. What has changed after Manipal?

Those 8’o clock classes, 10’o clock samosas, overly crowded canteens, gruelling afternoon labs, way2sms messages to my class (I was a CR for 3 years, hi-fi!), head football flash games with friends, instant decisions to hangout in greens or crumbz/snack shack or a movie, joyous delta bike rides, TechTatvas, Revels, I only feel that I am blessed to be a part of this dream. Dream indeed!

 Stepping into real world, I see that these dreams can turn into thoughts, thoughts into actions, and actions into success! Years down the line, I’ll be able to figure out the amount that Manipal affected my life. For now, I have just opened my eyes, again a beginner, longing for beginner’s luck  🙂

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5. Smile and the world smiles with you . . . Pontificate and??

I add world also smiles in you with the smile. Smile is best expression and when it’s from the heart can win enemies as well as non-existent self! Spreading joy is not just the tagline of coke; it’s the mission of life. I thank you for making me smile with this opportunity, first interview yaar, and little senti is must ;). To conclude, as I always say, Be good, Do good, Results- Good 🙂

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  1. Arey waah! Awesome interview… “Living a life midst two disasters, studies just behind the back and doomsday looming in front”… LOL… totally interesting! 😉

  2. JD!!… as soon as i read revels n techtatva….i remembered that fashion show night…. n the dialogue.. ‘we can do nething’ hahaha 😛 😛

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