5 Must Visit Places in Gokarna.

Going from Mangalore or Manipal, I’m sure you’re not expecting to be so enthralled by YET ANOTHER beach. But what’s so great about Gokarna anyway? Besides ,multiple times, being called the “mini-Goa” it is a blend of greens of the Western Ghats and the Arabian sea coast. There are about four prominent beaches in Gokarna , and a multitude of petite beaches connecting them together. The ambience in Gokarna in any season and weather is conveniently tranquil.What’s different about Gokarna is that although it does not give the shindig vibes like Goa, it does give you the ultimate experience with the beach-side restaurants,bistros, live-in shacks, and pubs along with a shred of trekking along the routes to the beaches and the part of the Ghats.1. Mirjan Fort

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Mirjan Fort (how it would look if you went around the time right after Monsoon ,August-October or if you plan to go somewhere in Feb-April, edit the photo in Sepia mode and that’s what your view would resemble.)


The fort is about 11kms from Gokarna.For those of you who do have a two-wheeler license,I’d suggest you rent one as soon as you get down at the Gokarna bus stand or Railway station considering each auto ride would be around 300 rupees but so would the cost of renting a scooter for half a day.Make sure to go behind the fort and click pictures too, if you’re an enthusiast of creative photography.

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2. Shiva Cave
https://g.co/kgs/tyvp3jPersonally I haven’t been there, so I can’t say how nice it looks but those of you who plan to go extensive travel mode in Gokarna, check this off your list (and maybe even let me know how it is)

3. Yana Caves

If I’d owned a drone when I went to these caves, I would be showing off the aerial view but otherwise told, the trek there, honestly,was an escapade altogether. I don’t know whether to recommend a car or a two wheeler, but honestly either of it has its risks, as the “road” to the caves are not in favour of either. Unless you’re on the upper stratas of the economic chain and could afford a chopper to the site,( I’d sure reccomend that) there is no easy way there.

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It is easier to go from Kumta than from Gokarna, so you might have to spend a day just to go here because it’s about 30 kms from Kumta.It’s a serene road all the way through the Western Ghats to reach a point that forks into two roads, one that leads to Vibhooti falls and the other to Yana caves.It is important to jot your details down at the mini police station at this bifurcation. https://goo.gl/maps/tTWeM

It’s about a half hour drive to the closest you can get to the caves, followed by about 10 mins trekking to the foot of the caves.

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4.Vibhooti falls.

It is best visited in the post-monsoon season. It is no Jog falls but it’s still a beauty to behold. You can also enjoy the waters by getting down ,just don’t take the phrase “go with the flow” too seriously.

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I couldn’t get a good photo while I was up there, my bad. But it is an elevated portion of the coast overlooking a beautiful view of the sea. It is just exhilarating to watch the waves crash so fiercely into the rocks below and the water rising high like a soda being popped open.

Lastly i come to the beaches, namely

Kudle Beach , with the numerous shacks and bistros along the coast, yet such a magical stretch of a beach nudged between two hills on either sides.
Kudle Beach.

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There is also Om Beach with its infamous Namaste cafe, and the shore shaped to look like an ” ॐ ”

Half Moon Beach, Gokarna Beach, Paradise beach and Small Hell beaches are smaller quieter beaches

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