13 Quick Tips For Choosing A Builder Of Granny Flat Wollongong

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When it comes to building a granny flat even a second, choosing the right builder can affect your entire project. 12 to 14 weeks, you will work closely with your builder. So when you make this decision it definitely needs to carry significant weight. It is important to find the right Granny Flat Builders for you. Below are given some tips to keep in mind when finding the right builder for your new granny flat Wollongong.


Selecting a builder that develops the granny flat with you for understanding your project and willing to be flexible to deliver the entire project to meet your expectations. Keep aware of cheap quotes as they normally have hidden costs or critical aspects, maybe an additional cost.


You can never have a lot of experience. Selecting a builder with extensive industry experience means they have the capability to solve the issues without impacting your granny flat project.


Granny flats are 60 square meters, so working with an experienced builder can help you ensure that you end up with the functional design. It is a good sign always when a builder is not limited by design type and is willing to build more than a square box.


To find a builder with testimonials, reviews, and offer customer references is a good sign you are on the right path of finding a reputable builder. Builders having repeat customers is a strong signal, they provide exceptional service and high build standard.

Licensed and qualified 

It is hugely important your builder’s license is current and they are fully insured. Having additionally recognized accreditations like from the Master Builders Association can be beneficial in choosing the right builder for you.


Take and make sure you are confident that the granny flat builder can complete the project within the agreed time frame.


The Builder should be organized and reliable, they should show up every day.


You are going to spend more time with the builder than any other contractor, so you should look for a builder you like and get along with.


Make sure your granny flat builder has all the necessary insurances, public liability insurance, home warranty insurance, etc.


Friends and family are the correct places to start asking if they have heard of the Builder.


Before you sign the contract, ask the Builder to provide references in a photo form or past project he or she can organize for you to have a look at.


Builders specialize in many types of renovation or building projects so it is important to find one that has experience with granny flats.


Do not go for second best, granny flats are a large project for most mums and dads. Make sure your builder can provide quality not just affordability.


There are a lot of reasons for choosing the right granny flat builder, the list has been put together above, and deserves a priority in your decision-making process.

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