10 Ways to Spoil Your Man on Father’s Day

This Sunday there will be lots of fathers getting macaroni pictures and new ties. Many fathers will receive expensive electronics or dapper additions to their wardrobe. However, gifts aside, there are plenty of things you can do to make the father of your children feel special. Here are ten ways to spoil your man on Father’s Day:

  1. Let him relax. Rather than take dad out to a festive activity, let him stay home and watch his favorite sports team.
  2. Give him a massage. You don’t have to be an expert masseuse to help your man feel wonderful. Simply massaging any areas where he holds tension will show him you care.
  3. Cook or order his favorite food. Whether it’s barbecue, spaghetti or sushi, make sure he gets his fill this Father’s Day. Also, make him a big breakfast in the morning and don’t forget the bacon.
  4. Play his favorite music. Throw on his favorite album when the situation permits.
  5. Play his favorite game. Is your child’s father a fan of horseshoes, backgammon, or poker? Let him show off his prowess to the family with his favorite game.
  6. Clean up. After having kids, he might not remember what having a clean house or car looks like. (Bonus points if you can get the kids to help keep it clean all day.)
  7. Tie up one of his loose ends. If he still hasn’t found the time to fix that thing in the house, just have someone else do it or book him that appointment he’s been meaning to make.
  8. Take over his chores. If he usually takes the garbage out or mows the lawn, have someone else do it for the day.
  9. Send him a love letter (or two). Make dad feel loved after all you’ve been through. Leave him a love letter where only he will see it. You could also post love notes that he’ll run into throughout the day.
  10. Give him time. If he likes video games, give him time to play. If he wants to go have some beers with the guys, send him on his way.

What do you do to make the father of your kids feel great?

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