10 Best Foods for Lean Muscle

lean muscle building

The simple mechanics of building lean muscle involves tearing muscles down to build them back up.  When you are trying to repair torn muscle fibers from a solid workout the day before, having food high in protein is crucial, along with other key nutrients.

Today we are going to look at the 10 best foods for building lean muscle mass.

Here I list the best foods first –

1. EggsEggs

When it comes to building muscle, protein is always a top priority.  You’ve seen those guys guzzling down raw eggs in the morning right? There’s a reason they do this.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of protein each and contain a variety of important vitamins such as A, E, and K, and B vitamins.

Eggs keep you full in the morning because of their protein content and helps to maintain your appetite throughout the day.

2. Salmon Salmon

Salmon is one of the best all-around foods you can eat when you are focusing on building muscle.  It is full of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.  It’s also rich in Vitamin D, B12, niacin, and selenium.

There’s a whopping 25g of protein in a 4oz serving of salmon and only 234 calories.  No wonder this is the fish of choice for people trying to build lean muscle.

You can also use Omega-3 bodybuilding supplements if you don’t like the taste of salmon.

3. Greek YogurtGreek Yogurt

The primary reason for eating greek yogurt is the protein content. Depending on what brand you buy, each one will vary slightly.  If you look at Fage Total 0%, it has 17g of protein per serving (170g).

Eating dairy products has been known to be a little controversial because you might have some trainers tell you not to eat dairy products at all because of the fat, and then you will have others that will tell you just the opposite because some dairy products are high in protein.

4. Chicken BreastChicken Breast

Chicken breast has always been one of those go-to meals, like salmon, due to its high protein content.  A small 3-ounce portion of chicken contains 25 grams of protein.

If you were to eat 6 ounces for dinner, you are getting 50 grams of protein in one sitting.

5. Soy Soy

Soy can come in a variety of different forms such as beans, protein powders, and liquid such as soy milk.

There are many benefits of soy such as it’s packed with macronutrients and full of antioxidants to help your muscles recover quicker.

Tofu is a wonderful egg substitute, and soy also helps increase blood flow to the muscles.

6. Tuna FishTuna Slices

Tuna fish is an excellent source of lean protein that is high in Omega-3’s.  It’s naturally lean and in a 4-ounce serving. It contains 33 grams of protein.

It’s especially convenient because you can buy it in cans and eat it on the go.  You can get some great options online.

The one thing you need to be careful of is the mercury levels in tuna.  According to the Natural Resources Defense Council,  if you weigh 150+ pounds, you should only eat one can of white albacore tuna every nine days.  

7. Protein Powders And SupplementsSupplements

There are a variety of different protein powders and supplements on the market today. It can make anyone’s head spin as to where to start.  Determining which ones are best for you comes down to the goals you are trying to reach.

Protein Powders –

It can be confusing when trying to figure out which type of protein powder is best for you.  There is collagen whey protein, soy protein, and milk protein such as casein powder.

Protein powders are easy and convenient to use because you can simply mix them with water and ice in a blender and have an instant meal on the go.  The powders are designed to pack in the protein to build muscle.

Supplements –

Supplements play a huge role in the nutrition industry, and when you are trying to build lean muscle mass, every little bit can help.  There is a lot of information out there about supplements that you can read about.

Here is a brief list to get you started on some of the supplements that are most popular today. In fact, you can even prepare these at home.

  • Creatine Supplements
  • Keto Supplements
  • Bodybuilding Supplements
  • Fat Burners
  • Testosterone Boosters

8. ShrimpShrimps

Shrimp is another good example of a fish that is high in protein and naturally low in fat. Shrimp is classified as a crustacean and are known to be high in arginine, the amino acid found in shrimp, that helps to provide better blood flow to the heart and muscles.

9. AlmondsAlmonds

Sometimes almonds get a bad rap because they are high in fat and you may think it’s not good to eat them.

But what you need to remember is that almonds contain a high amount of protein and healthy fat per serving and help you feel satiated during those times of hunger.

10. Quinoa Quinoa 1

Quinoa is food that came onto the health food scene around 2004.  It is talked about as being a “superfood” because it packs in iron, potassium, and protein better than any other grain on the marketplace.

Even though it is a carbohydrate, not all carbs are created equal. The carbs in quinoa are made up of starches and fiber which means there are no sugars.

The grain is low on the glycemic index if you compare it to white rice or french fries.

Final words

Your lean muscle program can fail miserably if your choice of food is not right.

Now that you know of these foods, you are better equipped to not let it fail. Isn’t it?


Nikky WatsonAbout Nikky Watson –  I love all things fun. Drop in sometime and you’ll know what I mean. For living and out of passion, I write and blog. Currently I am writing for Mybodyexpert & other blogs. You can find me on Twitter – @Nikky_Watson

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