Thinking of UFO’s


It was a good summer.

Whether passing time doing everyday things or relishing quiet moments with a good book or an interesting person, it was good. One of my pastimes became stargazing. But it wasn’t stars I studied. I was looking for and wondering about something else.


I saw planes and many stars and sometimes a bright moving light very high up that I couldn’t identify. I began to speculate about this phenomena that I later learned has been part of man’s past since the beginning.30 nostalgic photos of manipal 1997 to 2001

Who are the beings that made and perhaps pilot these ships? What part have they played in our lives throughout the years? The possibilities are endless.

If these beings are peaceful, and I’d like to believe they are, what new and unknown concepts could they teach us? Can they tell us how they survived their bad times and self-destruction? How did they make it as far as they did? Could they fill in thousands of blanks left in history? Did they plant us here or discover us? Have they just been studying us, or helping us to overcome the millenia?

Contact with these beings could be nothing less than fantastic.

It may be an interesting winter.



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