So You’re Going to Meet his Parents!

Wow, a visit with his parents! You’ve come a long way, baby! All your seductive ways have paid off, and he now wants you to meet his family.

Please don’t take this lightly. It may mean more to him than it does to you, so consider where you are at in this relationship. Are you exclusive? Are you future minded with this fellow? If not, please be honest with him. Explain gently you are not ready for a step like that, but that you may be soon. Soon is a rather ambiguous word, and is open to your own definition.

Assuming you have determined it is the right time for this step, a little planning will pay off big time in your demeanor when under the possibly tough scrutiny. Just remember, you are a Seduction Diva, and to a degree, you can use your powers on his family, as well.

This is not the time to dress to thrill. Be stylish, yet conservative. Think afternoon tea, not midnight toasts! Choose clothes you are comfortable in, also, nothing stiff, itchy or likely to show every wrinkle.

Have some light, neutral conversation, ready. Take a small gift, flowers or wine, if you know for certain they drink it. After the meeting, a hand written thank you note is worth it’s weight in gold. If siblings are present, win over the sisters, and be pleasant but not too familiar with the brothers. Do not practice your flirting skills with the Dad or brothers! Take very small bites during the meal, and do not drink. If offered a glass of wine, accept only if others are as well, but make it last. Absolutely no kissy touchy stuff, please. Ask you guy to help you here. Taking your arm, or hand is fine. Looking like you would rather be alone is not.

Do not be nervous. All the same qualities that attracted your man will be obvious to his family, just in appropriate measure! Enjoy the day, make them your allies, and remember, these people may be playing a big role in your life someday!

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