Signs And Symptoms Of Urticaria

A sudden appearance of a rash usually reddish in colour, triggers off a panic reaction. This might be in a small area known as a lesion. The lesion might be small like in one of the extremities or it may be widespread like on the face, on the back, on the chest, etc.

The usual thought is that it is an allergy or a skin infection or if it is a small lesion then some mosquito or insect bite.

Almost always it is painless and itching, redness and burning is very common. Clinically it is seen that it appears usually after eating small prawns, shell-fish and certain Chinese dishes in which ajinomoto is used and in certain cases when you eat food which was pretty stale may be around two days old, etc.

The first thing the patient needs to know is that it is an acute thing which will stay on for may be three to four days and will pass off after taking the correct medication . It is advisable that during the period the patient should abstain from eating heavy things like chicken, mutton, eggs, fried oily stuff, etc. Keep the stomach light, and drink plenty of fluids, most of which should be water.

These cases completely clear off through homoeopathic medicines. A few are given below:

Belladonna: It helps in case of sudden appearance of Urticaria, in small or wide patches, itching and when the symptoms include redness, itching, and when the lesion is hot to touch and the skin feels as though it is burning.

Apis: This is prescribed when the skin becomes hot, red eruptions appear with sore, sensitive, burning, stinging, swollen patches which become worse on touching. You feel better after a cold application and when you are in the open air.

Rhus Tox: Here though the eruptions will be the same, the only change in modality is that the patient will get relief from hot application.

Sulphur: Habitual, or recurring urticaria time and again, with lots of itching, which means once you start scratching you feel like continuing with the scratching more and more. Cold water relieves you. This medicine totally clears off chronic cases.

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