Post-Valentines Special :)

And hello 🙂

It has been a while, my friends, but do not worry! I… Am BACK.

So, based on my studies conducted on the very celebrated day of St. Valentines, I have come to the conclusion that there are mainly three types of girls out there, based on their reactions to the whole concept of ‘Valentines day.

comic 3

MISS TWITTERPATED – Girls who spend their time in their little bubble of joy and love, riding unicorns that eat rainbows and poop butterflies (Horton Hears a Who reference. Geek thing. Sorry ’bout that.). These ladies may or may not be in a relationship, but are true romantics at heart. And I salute you, though I may not always understand what goes on in those crazy heads of yours.



comic 4


THE CYNIC- This would refer to a broad category of girls who may not believe in or support the concept of Valentines day. To them, I merely say, You are missing out. We’re all young. It’s our time to fall hopelessly in love and make mistakes and be scarred for the rest of our lives. Seriously. This is what young adulthood is all about. No joke.

Okay I WAS joking. But seriously, chill a little. I’m not saying you have to ride a rainbow-eating, butterfly-pooping unicorn, but don’t squash the dreams of the ones who do, okay? It’s not nice. I’ve met some girls who do that, and they’re not cool.


Moving on… NUMBER THREE:

comic 5

MISS FOREVER ALONE- Just because you don’t have a valentine on Valentine’s Day, does not mean it’s the end of the world. You have your friends and family. You don’t need to spend the whole day crying about it. and the whole week after it moping about. It’s no big deal. Now wipe them tears, put on some heels and go party (or read a book, or watch TV… whatever floats your boat. But do it in heels. Makes you feel really sexy. And I speak from experience :P)! You’re all strong. beautiful young women.


And then there’s my very own special category, NUMBER FOUR:


comic 2


I’m not very sure what to name this category, but I’m in it, considering I spent the day, just like the rest of my days. Obsessing over Sherlock and worrying about college submissions. Of course, I acknowledge Valentines day, and like celebrating it with a big bar of chocolate, gifted to me by myself 😛 (I do that on a regular basis. It makes me feel good. My waistline disagrees though, but what does it know, eh?)

I guess girls who don’t especially ‘celebrate’ Valentines fall in this category. As well as other girls like me, who are hopelessly in love with fictional characters. I feel your pain, my sisters. To us, they will always be real, but just out of reach, living in the beautiful world of our daydreams.

‘Tis a sad life we are fated to live…

😛 Just kidding.

Okay, not really.

And this is how I looked on Valentine’s day. Pulled an all-nighter to get some work done. My hair is that big because of all the frustrated hair-pulling I do.

comic 1


Will hopefully be updating the comic blog MUCH more regularly. Since I got gifted a new Wacom Bamboo One pen tablet from my mom for my birthday last week. (I think she picked up on all the hints I’ve been leaving. In blog posts, on her facebook wall, on MY facebook wall…. I’m subtle like a bawss B] ).

Thank you mommy :* You’re the BEST! A BIG LOUD shoutout for awesome moms everywhere.

Artist of the week: – Caleb Thomas. One of my absolute faves.

Also do send in any other articles, photographs or any other contributions to [email protected] 🙂

And again, any suggestions for comic strip topics in the comments below will be very much appreciated 😀 !

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