Meaning of Quality Conciousness in Management, Business and Life

The quality consciousness you manifest and practice in your work is directly related to your preparation to truly love in a really sacred way while eternally improving the quality and demonstrations of your divine love towards all and everyone. The quality you render altogether your services and merchandises is directly relative to the quality of your passion all told possible demonstrations – physical including metaphysical or spiritual! You and all men around you – your employers, workers and colleagues, clients and providers – can well valuate the quality of all your activity and piece of work.

Use the quality criteria and measure methods to get advice for your spiritual situation, development and in ordlearner to make modifications for your life. The quality you incur can never be over the quality you pass (law of karma). Should you wish to attain God union you need to be willing to learn to produce ideal quality of whatever you decide and do.

Above as below – inside like outside

Whatever you do here on earth is what you will do back home – are you sure the quality standards you set for yourself is high enough to match the quality of all your divine family at home waiting for you – ready to give you ALL they have and well prepared to get from you whatever you have to present?

Are you always doing and giving the very best possible – in loving all others and God?
What has quality with spirituality to do – you may ask now… much!

If individuals are prepared to perform or make top quality or at least above average quality all told they do – they reflect in their material world their innermost ability and acquired potential to make happy! Quality awareness is a direct aspect of passion. Love besides has many variations of manifestations. To be very precise love has an infinite number of possible reflections. and each of this infinite number of reflections of true divine love can again be displayed in an infinite number of different ways. Dependent upon temporary attitude and purpose of your service or products and dependent upon how much you want to help, please and make happy when you do what you do you can add to any product and service a different amount of love. and dependent on how much you want to help and please and make happy you need a lesser or greater quality of your products and services.

To make it short – the better your overall quality cognizance in your day to day piece of work, recreation, sport – the greater is your lasting preparation to supply perfect quality of passion likewise. Quality awareness is something that you either have or not. When you have a true devotion to quality – then you definitely have it in all your are performing – that also includes love and life in general. Naturally passion also includes your entire love life and marriage. Quality cognizance in your day by day living directly reflects on our spiritual being also and is expressed by a more divine, more refined and more efficient passion toward all of God’s creation. God love expressed or manifested within a human in daily life is a complete expression of a God realized individual and can be shown in a vast number of ways.

Only those material services and wares that directly and only are used to enhance the overall spiritual cognition and evolution of all ALL mankind toward finding their way home to God are of true and valuable spiritual nature. God is love – thus a God of love – and mankind is made to the image of God – to love and to make happy. In business, in politics and all life. All other services aiming at making profits or just for the sake of developing something new, important or different are of zero spiritual content and value and much of the time of spiritually destructive nature. Devastation can be manifold. Many merchandises and services – the great majority of today’s industrial merchandises and services – are taking aim at nets profit, enlargement or impact, making or improving client basis and repetition business – repetition business happens to be the result of dependence. today’s auto manufacturer have zero interest of making a permanent motorcar – a permanent car can only be sold once in a incarnation. Industry however wants humans to be little felicitous but more significantly return for updates, upgrades, care and fix and eventually after some time for a full replacing. Industry has understood that customers need to be satisfied – however humans most of the time provide minimum gratification resulting in the need to purchase add ons and upgrades to get maximum more gratification.

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