Manipal: A Fresher’s Tale

Getting here is a different experience for everyone but more or less it revolves around having a less than impressive JEE or BITSAT score. MUOET reinforced my confidence, and I can bank on that. It helped; a lot! Mechanical was what attracted me (I still don’t know why) and so with a rank of around 7k, in this town strewn with beaches and greenery, my journey and the story of my independence began!

A bit of research on quora and the fresher’s group had already prepared me for the rains but still the view of it happening around could take the aesthetic self in you for a ride! With sudden showers every now and then, an umbrella looked like a trusted buddy for the first few days only to ditch you for someone better at the food Court’s umbrella stand (lol).

Enthusiasm and nervousness had a ball in my head for the first few months. With people from all over the country and even abroad, this was what kind of made me aware of my ‘global citizen’ tag. And I don’t even remember how I came across some of the stupidest people of the lot whom I call ‘friends’ now. And having a hostel as big as the 16th block helped. But the treks we had to go on to reach classes were a pain and it took quite some time to get used to it.

Okay! Fun fact : we all used to think that engineering classrooms were somewhat different. With people here to learn about technology and innovate, we were pretty much sure we would be getting our own iron man suits to design as soon as the attendance is taken. But what continued was the same high school melodrama without uniforms. Well it was relief too(surprisingly!) .

Well the beaches and the pubs around helped! Deetee was something we started considering home and nightouts to hoode or any other beach were a thing! With a home away from home, it was something most of us hadn’t experienced? before. With homesick crybabies all around, it was still something that never? came to me but you do miss home when you have to make your bed every single day and take care of your belly yourself (lol).

I found the food Court’s food to be okay. But the journey to it was uphill and tiring. Making you have second thoughts about going out or ordering in. That’s the reason month ends were a reality.

It was one hell of a year and? though I didn’t have a CGPA to be proud of, I lived a part of my life I knew I was gonna cherish for the rest of my life (or maybe not)!

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