Interdisciplinary Interaction – The Inauguration of the Idea Cafe

The Idea Cafe at Marena Sports Complex was inaugurated on 2nd May 2018

Namrata Rao | Staff Blogger

An initiative of the Innovation Center at MAHE, the Idea Cafe was inaugurated earlier today by Dr. Ranjan Pai, CEO & MD of MEMG at Marena Sports Complex Manipal. Namrata was there to tell you how it went!

Manipal and the University that grew in it has been a pioneer in developing technology, solutions, and ways of making people’s lives better in more ways than one. The ideas that have come out of Manipal span across all avenues including banking, education, technology, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and many more. The Idea Cafe, with the tagline, ‘Develop what people need,’ is one step in furthering that initiative. Inaugurated earlier today, the Cafe situated in the Ground Floor of Marena, Manipal is an initiative by the Innovation Center at MAHE, to ‘ideate, innovate, and incubate’ new ideas and see them come to fruition!

The programme began at 9:30 AM in the presence of the Directors, Deans, Officers, and Faculty of MAHE. Unfortunately, the Chief Guest Dr Ranjan Pai couldn’t make it to Manipal, and Shruti Pai, who had played a major role in seeing this come to life, inaugurated the facility.

Post the inaugural, Dr. Arun Shanbhag, the Chief Innovation Officer of MAHE, the architect of the idea took us through the aims and goals for the cafe! It is an attempt to foster interdisciplinary interaction  in one platform with an exclusive space for MAHE students to come up with ideas and discuss other academic pursuits; develop, innovative and come up with ideas to problems which otherwise cannot be solved on its own without such an inclusion.
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The attendees were treated to a batch of delicious pastries freshly baked by the Department of Culinary Arts, WGSHA after which they pasted their names and thoughts on the Glass of Fame as a thank you for having been part of the occassion. The students later partook in a Brainstorming Session moderated by Dr Shanbhag to get the ball rolling and discuss what could be done in the cafe. Students from many colleges including MIT, FOA, KMC, SOAHS and others were present. Many things popped up and were duly noted with Dr Shanbhag promising many more of those to come.
The Cafe is in a prime location at Manipal surrounded by a serene view on the the green city that we live in. A great, concept, a great location, and a great start is a sign of many more good things to come out of this place, and I for one can’t wait!

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