Competition- reel or real

It happens every day. And if I am not wrong it happens to every one of us at some point of our life.

Alright! You know about something and I know about something.

But he/she doesn’t know. So who will tell it first? Or shall I say who will blabber it faster?

Does it always have to be this way? Is there some competition that we have to take part in? Or is it always like this. And me being an ignorant rat, is unable to process the simple information. What is it actually? Do we really have to compete among ourselves? Does it really make any difference?

What if you don’t sing along
What if you don’t dance along
What if you don’t run along
Will that make the songs less melodious?
Will that make the dance less passionate?
Will that hold you to your grounds?

I always wonder what is it, that it is so important to compete even among friends/family. For that matter we all have that one relative who thinks their kid is a superhero and we are just-DUMB! Competition is everywhere. And some part of me also agrees that, it is what makes who you are today. But then some other part of me also things that is it necessary? May be always. Or may not be. This confusion of may be or may not be always jumbles up.

How about you do your work and not bother about others. That definitely gives me at least some peace of mind. I can do anything for my peace of mind. But can you?Competition

I guess it all depends on what kind of person you are. If you want to achieve, if you want to conquer and if you want to win the race, then you always have to compete. Because without a race, there will not be a winner or there will not be a loser.

Like the one with the enlightened minds say – if you want to compete, compete with yourself. Keep raising the bar. That will definitely bring you success.

But in a world like this –  how long can you survive, how much can you grow without being competitive?

Because we live in a world that in itself is a competition.

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