China Point – New in Manipal!


Good News for Chinese Fast Food Lovers! A new fast food center has recently opened in Manipal named ‘China Point’.

Located on the End Point Road, just 2 minutes’ walk from Crumbz, it serves a wide variety of Chinese dishes, most of them being fast food or more commonly junk foods only.

China Point’s special attraction includes Chopsuey, its variety of Burgers (quite different from Mexican burger Manipalites are used to) and American Cheesy White Sauce Macroni which became favorite of my whole group instantly.

The ambiance resembles a typical Chinese eating joint usually seen in North India.

Service and hygiene is exceptionally good, personally speaking, the best I’ve came across in Manipal. Still getting food delivered to home is more advisable.

Although the menu is not very diversified, the place is very much student friendly because of the huge quantity they serve at a very reasonably price!

From my view point, it’s a place worth visiting when your mess serves daal khichdi or something else you don’t like!

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