GATE 2016: Best Books to Read for the Exam

The toughest of all exams is already on head and the time left is not much. Yes I am talking about the GATE 2016. Many of the candidates must have already prepared themselves and now have engaged in the study of the extra references, while the others must be still working hard and completing their courses. To prepare for this tough exam with huge GATE syllabus, is not an easy task. All the applicants need to put rigorous efforts and refer to the best books and coaching, so that they do not lack in their endeavor.

Gate 2016
GATE 2016 – Best Books

Among a range of books that are available in the marketplace by many authors and publication houses, it is challenging to pick the best books. It is imperative to take the right book, right coaching and right approach to prepare for this high qualifying level exam. Among the enormous GATE 2016 syllabus, there is not even a single topic that can be missed or be taken lightly. To help you  take the best book according to the branch, I have penned down this blog. Go through it and find the best books for GATE 2016 and future GATE exams that are to come.

  • For Electronics and Communication Branch:

    Electronics and Communication branch has huge syllabus and requires books which feature the topics with good explanation. Nodia & Co. is offering the 8th edition bunch of 10 books, compiled by R K Kanodia & Ashish Murolia and is published by Nodia. The books are attributed with problem solving methodology and fundamental concepts & formulae review. Accompanied is the vast question bank with solutions. These solutions are well explained and are error free, covering the entire GATE syllabus. Referring to these books for electronics and communication branch is a good option for all the applicants.

  • For Computer Programming at Gate 2016:

    There are two books that you should be referring for computer programming. Namely, “The C Programming Language” by Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie. Updated is the 2nd edition of the book. The other book is “Classic Data Structures” by Debasis Samanta. This book also has 2nd edition, which should be referred. Both the books are comprehensive for all those who study Computer Concepts, Computer Programming, Programming Methodology and Data Structures. These books have all the content that is required to have a clear understanding of computer programming.

  • For Algorithms at Gate 2016:

    The algorithms require a good understanding of design techniques. New problems in algorithms might consume a lot of time in GATE 2016 exam. For these problems ‘Introduction to Algorithms’, by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson,  Ronald L. Rivest, and Clifford Stein, 3rd edition is the best book to refer. This book is easy to study for all topics. But due to lengthy explanations, it might take much of your time.

  • For Electric Engineering at Gate 2016:

    For all the aspirants appearing for electric engineering, the best book would be the combo set that Nodia & Co. is offering. The 2nd edition of these books is written by R K Kanodia & Ashish Murolia. The highlights of the book are, solutions of each problem is explained well, which will require less time of the candidates. The entire book is categorized into units and each unit is sub-divided into chapter. GATE electric engineering aspirants must refer to these books for good results.

Make sure that the books that you refer to provide a good understanding of the entire syllabus, and have been compiled by the most recommended authors. Nodia & Co. is working with them keeping this in mind. They are publishing books with updates and new editions are coming out. Books for are all branches of engineering are available from the web store of Nodia & Co.

With warm regards, I wish all the candidates appearing for GATE 2016 exam, best of wishes.

About the author: Minal Khatri is a content writer who is associated with Nodia & Co. Writing on diverse fields is her passion and helps her acquire abundant knowledge. Knowing and letting people know is her formula in her life. Apart from this, she has an inclination towards helping people in every way out.

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