Audience Impressed with UTSAV 2015 organization – Day 2 Report

Final years from Faculty of Architecture POse for a picture at their final UTSAV

Whenever we think of Utsav, glamorous and extravagant events come to mind. Images of hypnotizing and breathtaking performances by participants from various colleges under Manipal University are conjured up.
Likewise, the second day of Utsav 2015 kicked off with a bang with Rangoli in the morning at TMA Pai Hall which was then followed by Collage. The topic for collage was ‘Colors of Life’ and had the students in a mad dash, ripping and hacking at magazines to find vibrant images to put in the collages.

Students from mcods,manipal talk about their experience at utsav
Students From Mcods,Manipal Talk About Their Experience At Utsav 2015
The indian non classical group from kmc,manipal
The Indian Non Classical Group From Kmc,Manipal
Spectators are spellbound looking at the spectacular performances.
Spectators Are Spellbound Looking At The Spectacular Performances.
Final years from faculty of architecture pose for a picture at their final utsav
Final Years From Faculty Of Architecture Pose For A Picture At Their Final Utsav 2015

At the Counseling Hall, EDU Building, Quiz Prelims, Antakshari Prelims and Indian Classical Vocal Solo were held.
Meanwhile at KMC, Greens, Creative Jam and Quiz finals, took place.

The results for Quiz finals were:
1st place: MIT, Manipal
2nd place: MIT, Manipal and KMC, Mangalore
3rd place: KMC, Manipal

In the evening Indian Classical Dance Solo, Indian Non Classical Dance Solo, Prize Distribution for the previous day’s events and Indian Non Classical Group Dance followed.

The audience was captivated by the graceful, moving and spellbinding performances.

We asked around about the experience at UTSAV and got back glowing reviews. Spectators were impressed by the wonderful organization of all the events. From the magnificent stage arrangements to the handy camera work, everything was appreciated.

As for the participants, their hard labor, long practices and sleep loss finally paid off as they put up spectacular performances. In spite of hectic schedules and impending exams the students put up a wonderful show.

The exhausting and wearying rehearsals finally ended in mesmerizing performances that seemed to end in the blink of an eye and left the crowd cheering and asking for more. After the performances the celebration that followed was jubilant and spirited. Participants in their final year were woeful about not being able to return and perform at UTSAV again next year.

The night concluded with Indian Non Classical Group Dance comprising of awe-inspiring and powerful performances.

Photos courtesy: Ajay Singh Chauhan

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