Are You Considering Florida Home Schooling?

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A parent may choose to educate his child in a home setting rather than a public school. There are a few rules in Florida that must be adhered to. There are two options when choosing to home school. The parents will either teach the children themselves, or a licensed teacher may teach in the home.

While parents do not need any formal training to teach their children, they must alert the public school superintendent that their child will remain home and study there. According to Florida homeschooling laws, the parents must also keep a daily log of all subjects taught and what activities were completed during the day. This is very important as the superintendent may ask to see a child’s portfolio at any time. Proper Florida homeschooling subjects must be taught and homework assigned like any other school. There are many lesson plan groups out there that can supply lesson plans for children through high school. They are inexpensive and comply with the educational standards set by state governments.

Another method of Florida homeschooling is hiring a tutor who will work with the child everyday school day, which is 180 days. This the reasonable amount of school days a child in public will attend. The tutor must be a licensed teacher. And they must conduct of full school day. Some tutors will be required to obtain small business licenses to operate in the state of Florida.

Children must maintain a daily study schedule. And it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that the time is being spent on learning. Every year, the student must take and pass a scholastic achievement test that may be administered by any certified teacher in the state of Florida, a yearly check offered by the school district, or an evaluation by a psychologist.

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