Movie Review: 102 Not Out

102 Not Out is an Indian comedy-drama film directed by Umesh Shukla, starring Bollywood’s two great actors Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor in the lead roles. The on-screen father-son relationship shared by the duo is what the audience had been waiting for long. The film is based on the eponymous Gujarati play written by Saumya Joshi. When it was announced that Bachchan and Kapoor were coming on-screen again it caused a stir. 102 Not Out was released on 4 May 2018. If you still haven’t watched 102 Not Out then make it a point to watch it with your family. And you’ll be glad to know that Paytm Movies Coupons are out for all Bachchan and Kapoor’s fans.

102 Not Out Movie Cast: Amitabh Bachchan, Rishi Kapoor, Jimit Trivedi

102 Not Out Movie Director: Umesh Shukla

102 Not Out Movie Rating: 3 Stars out of 5

The full story of 102 Not Out

At 102 Dattatraya Vakhariya (played by Amitabh Bachchan) wants to live on for 16 (or more) years to break the world record set by a Chinese man and become the oldest man alive. While the child in him is alive and kicking, his 75-year-old son Babulal (played by Rishi Kapoor) is as eccentric as they can come — even timing his stay in the shower to perfect 14 minutes lest he catches a cold. Fed up of his surly ways Dattatraya decides to pack Babulal off to an old age home unless he decides to take on the challenges he throws at him — from writing a love letter to his dead wife to breaking it off with his doctor.

To make his son’s life an extravaganza, Dattatraya made sure to give him tasks, one of which included to write a “love letter” to his late wife. On the other hand, Rishi Kapoor, as Babulal Vakharia, is a former mathematics teacher – a grump by profession, who likes his curtains the way they are, and can only sleep wrapped up in his childhood blanket. The cuteness on Bachchan’s face, the way he makes faces, his sense of joking and enlightening his son’s mind through easy means is what took our hearts away.

Star Performance

You will definitely root for Rishi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and their high spirits and Shukla has once again picked up a great choice after his last film Oh My God. If you are facing any bitter things in life then this is the movie to cherish the sweet memories – as they say if life throws lemons at you, make a lemonade out of it.

Direction and Music Review of 102 Not Out

Based on a play of the same name by Saumya Joshi, Umesh Shukla’s film is a sweet but dull enterprise, who did not entertain us much as it was expected from the legendary onscreen father-son duo Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.

If you love Vicky Donor’s super-daadi, then you’ll love Babulal Vakhariya’s father Dattatraya too. An old man, who has lived many years and want to live many more. Sometimes when you’re on crease and you do not get a not out you get unbeaten and that’s what Dattatraya wanted to do – 102 and not out. The centurion here is a spirited old coot who has picked the mission to rejuvenate his colourless son, aged 75. The film was monotonous with two aged people with contrast choices also when we have seen Amitabh Bachchan’s work in Piku and Rishi Kapoor in Kapoor & Sons. The primary issue is that 102 Not Out is too static. This lack of dynamism is both physical – with the Vakharias cooped up inside their bungalow for most of the film, giving away the film’s theatrical origin – and emotional, since the film never goes anywhere, except for the older man becoming more and more overt in his emotional manipulation, something that may also be said for Shukla. The theme of parents and sons clearly resonates with the filmmaker.

102 Not Out’s heart is firmly in the right place. The film knows its territory and the emotions it wants to evoke. It’s just that a few important characters don’t get enough play and they are sacrificed to make space to Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor.

Expert Critic Reviews Film critic Saibal Chatterjee writes that “At a basic level, 102 Not Out is about the simple joys of living, the sheer futility of pining for filial fealty, and the fun of going with the flow. That point of view is articulated through a bunch of old Hindi film songs that Dattatreya savours – Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam (Kaagaz Ke Phool), Main zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya (Hum Dono), Mere ghar aana zindagi (Dooriyan) and Hum thhe who thhi aur shama rangeen (Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi). The numbers composed and recorded for the film pale in comparison, emphasizing the cliche – old is gold.

Indian Express: No doubt it’s great to see a film about two old people with unseemly paunches, bad hair, heavily wrinkled faces, dressed in slept-in clothes and not doing much, as all old people, if lucky, should get to do.

Box Office collection of 102 Not Out

Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor’s film is around 30 crores and still not out!’ The movie shows a consistent graph at the box office on weekdays. 102 Not Out’s collection figures of recent days show that the film made almost similar amounts on both the week days. 102 Not Out reunites Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan on the big screen after 27 years. 


But are the two veterans worth it? Definitely. They form the soul of 102 Not Out and its youthful exuberance. Rishi Kapoor has an upper-hand though. The film’s 101-minute duration is enough to convey its high spirits and liveliness. Its message is loud and clear though it comes at the cost of some unnecessary villainy. What a joy to watch two fantastic actors working in a performance-oriented film! All the whimsy you would have hoped for remains confined to the tagline of the film — Baap Cool, Beta Old School. Do try your hands at sites to avail Paytm Movies Coupons and enjoy your movie with family.

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