What every MITian should know in final sem.

As if goodbyes aren’t hard enough, the college doesn’t make it any easier for us, does it? Every student passing out has to go through a long process of filling forms and running around the academic section. They make sure that there is atleast one thing which we will not miss!

It’s a known fact that most students love procrastinating. We delay the procedure till the last day not realizing how long it can take. But for all you future MIT-goodbye-sayers, take my advice and get the last minute formalities done atleast 5 days before your pre-decided date of departure.

I say this with experience. You never know how many places, how many forms and how many times you’ll need to go to finish all the formalities. And the worst part is i did not know there was so much to do. I don’t really know why i did it 4 days in advance. The procedures are simple. But getting the signatures is a big headache cos the people are never found when we need them the most. And just for an enquiry, there is a long queue at the counter which makes it all the more tedious. Once you enquire, go do the needful, you’ll come back and join the same queue and wait for your turn all over again, only to find out that you did something wrong! And this process repeats numerous times before you get it right! How frustrating!

When you enter the last week of your stay in Manipal, there are lotso time consuming things, and these long queues don’t help. So plan your work out in advance, so that you can spend your last day with your friends having fun and not in the office! That is not the kind of memory you would like to take back with you, trust me.

And yes, do grab your yearbook as soon as it’s available or unfortunately you might be the one who goes there only to find out all the yearbooks have been given out! And you certainly do not want to miss the last yearbook, cos it’s the most personal memory u’ll have of your life in college with your friends.

Meanwhile enjoy your time in Manipal. What you’re doing right now is making memories you’ll take along when you leave. So make the most of it. Cheers!

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