Satiation with Revenge – Ishaan Gupta

The harbinger of a an important moment,
Swooped and kissed the hand of the king,
The parchment read, “Your one wanton act,
Will erode away your entire being.

I, your subject, will wage a war against you,
You annihilated my friends and kindred,”
The king sniggered, threw it in the hearth,
And with a majestic stretch, stormed into his bed.

But the man would not break his vow,
Never had he before, and not would he after,
In infancy family was sold, rest enslaved,
Who protested but to be crushed by the tartar.

He fled off miles away to another region,
Chose a teacher and greeted with obeisance,
Day and night was a no moon experience,
His heart burnt with the fire of vengeance.

While the king still unaware of wildfire,
Observed his daily unhealthy practices,
The young man was ready with his strategy,
His final judgement was to be free from lapses.

On a thundrous night his army fired,
The king was woken and so his ire,
He gathered all his army and all cruelty,
“Get mad as an elephant, shun this mire.”

But the new warrior dragged him into a cage,
His men surrounded the insane enemy,
In the gear of his own manpower,
He was stunned into a deadly dummy.

“You cheat, only fallen people like you,
Could do this. My faith wasted, a sinister,
And so are you.” He rammed into the foe,
Whom he had given the honour of his minister.

Only to be halted by the arrow of a soldier,
He pushed himself still in stagger,
Towards the betraying unscrupulous man,
And assailed a fist in anger.

But that was the last touch,
For the minister shot him in chest,
Then here, then there, everywhere,
And the king succumbed to the mighty infest.

But the hunger was not satisfied yet,
His body was ablaze and then in crush,
The death of the avenger’s family,
Was more than revenged in the flush.

He looked up to the showering skies,
Cried with all his might,
In a sweet taste of revenge,
He ended the emotions’ fight.

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