Revenge: Your purest emotion – Shantu Sharma

going down with penace relentless
arguing in head estranged forever,
how could you stand upright and think
while your vile is superimposed over.

amid the agony that penetrates deep
and brings up a collage of emotions,
you silently brewed up strength inside
without venting out your stealthy notions.

true… it comes in the purest of forms
not one that could match this,
when all seven sins that you sum up
what other could try and catch this.

before the time we can remember
since the first man walked on earth,
never has there been any lack of it
nor will there be any dearth.

and till there would be life here
absolute nothing is going to change,
man soaked… and man will always
soak in the sweet taste of revenge.

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