Masks of Wonderland – Jaideep Rao

From zero

An endless journey

Quest of life


World we see

Is a wonderland

Love portrait


River runs

Royal ocean roars

Heart beats heard


Bricks delight

Every sculpture built

Cast a spell


Zestful path

Realism reckons

Thirst to dwell


Masks circle

Kid, teen, youth, adult

To zero

Enlightenment, main aim of our existence, is the dream of every soul. When we reckon the ‘realism’, wonderland builds in front of our eyes.  Thirst to live in this wonderland is the enlightenment. It involves us playing many roles at times- from zero (birth) to zero (death). Zero defines an infinite life (endless journey) – all in the big circle- where ‘the start’ and ‘the end’ is indefinite!

This is haiku written with eleven syllables count.

[Haiku is Japanese poetry form that has three meaningful lines which are complete and reflecting nature. Haiku have syllabic limitations as well. Syllables and words aren’t the same thing. For e.g. the single word “traditional” would have four syllables since it’s pronounced “tra-di-tio-nal”. A traditional haiku has eleven or seventeen syllables, in a strict 3-5-3 or 5-7-5 format. ]

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