The Simplest of Trips | 21 July 2012 : Malpe Beach

It was the last day of the first series of exams after we crept and crawled into the second year of this labor-intensive, rigor rich academics called PGDM. No one had any particular reason to celebrate , no one (among us) had topped the exam, some might have crashed but that was not going to come up in the paltry discussion we had.

Birds drawn to the beach in search of fresh fish brought in by the Fishermen

Our designated pilot decided to take a detour on the way back from the acad block to the ladies hostel … and the detour turned out to be the wide road outside Manipal. And as was the norm, once we reached Manohar Wines; came the familiar question “Where are we headed ?”  (after all, depending on the site, we needed to, appropriately, stock up) .

“Where are we headed ?”

After some simple deliberation , we decided that it has been quite a while since we last went to our very own  Malpe .  In fact , setting it aside for so many other more exotic choices, we had not gone there for quite some time.

We made a halt at Prax ; chicken steak burgers, and fish and Thums Up and then we set sail for Malpe.

When you go on a trip – Company matters!!

Being behind the lens, I take the chance to filter out the noise and simply look at the people before me and I start to understand what comfort zone is all about. What it is to be unguarded and with an ability to let things be, (atleast temporarily) and I find humans so much more beautiful like that. I ask people to pose for me and I see them put up all the walls to hide their perceived insecurities and weakness and shortcomings. I ask them to hang out with their close friends and I stay in the shadows and I see them , bereft of all walls and all of them are beautiful, each and every one of them. And capturing that is so satisfying. The trip was also a small window into the way human relationship works, the way bonds are forged and strengthened. The way friends learn to accept ( and sometimes forgive) , it’s a beautiful process. It’s almost like Nature wants friends to be friends again.

The Sea Breeze and Friends

The beauty of a successful trip lies in 3 things : company, company and company. Maybe I knew it all along, maybe I forgot, maybe I disagreed. But this trip proved it again. The sea, the waves, the breeze, the sultry weather and a good group of people you are comfortable with. We didn’t do anything extraordinary or  exciting, or especially memorable to pen down as a tale “remember the time we went to Malpe that other time… ” but it was a good time.

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