All the Foodies in the World

Photo by Dan Gold

Food, the self-sacrificial delight, which was created by the Almighty for the sole purpose of feeding the hunger-bred, starvation-stricken human race, has evolved along with the devourers’ evolution. It has witnessed mankind grow and flourish and played a vital role in the same. It has saved lives, given pioneers/thinkers/believers a power to sustain and, as… Continue reading All the Foodies in the World

Do you know your Sushi?

Photo by Kelvin Zyteng

I have always been fascinated by Japanese food. I like the tastes – the salty hot condiments, the fish so fresh it is often eaten raw, the vegetables so perfectly and lightly fried (or steamed or grilled), the beautiful courses devoted to vegetables only, served with a simplicity that permits us to taste the flavors… Continue reading Do you know your Sushi?