The Most Interesting Person in the Room

‘The Most Interesting Person In the Room’ featuring Kenny Sebastian, took place at Syndicate Hall, Manipal, on 19th February can be best described as a perfect combination of humor and sarcasm, stuffed with ceaseless transparency and spiced with laughter that never saw an end throughout the show. Youngsters of Manipal, the main audience were ready from minute one with their phones ready for making Snapchat stories, about the laughter ride they were going to be a part of.

The show started off with Kartik Sadvij, a student of SOC, and his dark humor topped with exclusive ‘Student’ jokes. Sadvij’s clever sketch about exams and artistic drawings in gents washroom was something that everybody will remember.

The next part of the show and indeed the audience’s most favorite one was seeing Kenny live on stage. The crowd welcomed him with excitement to know what he had brought for them. Kenny was as funny as he always is. What set him apart in the show was his expressive way of putting forward his sketches with the perfect use of his actions. His body language is something different, with every single joke, there came a different facial expression, which is something really amazing. Kenny’s take on Manipalites and the working style of doctors is relatable on the next level. Kenny told people how he likes babies, but only the chubby ones. His take on different types of bird and the problem Ostrich’s parents must be facing while raising it up was flawlessly amazing. He smartly took a dig at the comparison between shoes and Chappals, and the amount of partiality we do with the Chappals, with his style of relatable comedy.

Finally, Kenny performed with his guitar, and sang(according to him “Talked”) about the current craze of slow songs and Acoustics!

“Watching him live was an entirely different experience than watching him in videos. I couldn’t stop laughing at all while he was on stage. I felt bad when the show ended, Kenny would have performed longer”, said one of the students who attended the show. For conclusion, the fact is that the audience not only laughed a lot, they learnt some of Kenny’s pearls of wisdom too at ‘The Most Interesting Person In The Room’.