• bags under eyes

    5 Effortless Tips to Cover Your Dark Circles

    As some of us get older, the appearance of dark circles under our eyes becomes more prominent. There are numerous solutions to this problem, but we want something that is effortless and takes no time ...
  • Miscellaneous

    The Origin of Halloween

    Halloween was at one time a pagan holiday though at present the festival commemorates all saints and martyrs known and unknown. Pope Boniface the IV in the seventh century recognized that the pagan festivals were ...
  • The Top 5 Manipal Myths Vs Facts

    Top 5 Manipal Myths

    Yes! Even a place like Manipal has its own myths! I have been living in Manipal for a good two and half years and now I know all the misconceptions of ‘North Indians’ about this ...
  • Miscellaneous

    New Traffic Rules in Manipal

    Do you notice anything in this picture? (Besides the fact that it’s blurry ..couldn’t help that, the phone cam) If you’re thinking the roads look empty, then yes you are correct.  This was taken @ ...

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Boating Activities to Enjoy Near Manipal

Karnataka is ranked the fourth-most popular tourist state in the whole of India, home to countless attractions that beckon visitors from all across the globe. The city of Manipal is not only home to the ever-popular Manipal University, but also boasts





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Manipal Runners Club

Injury Prevention & Recovery – In Conversation With Dr. Fiddy Davis

Dr. Fiddy Davis J is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Department of Exercise and Sports Sciences at School Of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. Anushka, a runner at MRC Read more…

Going from ‘just running’ to completing my first half-Brickathon.

This is a long-ish post about my journey as a runner and a cyclist, over the past 2+ years. I thought I would share my experiences with fellow sports and fitness enthusiasts thru this post. Read more…

Acts of Courage

Foreword How does one define Courage? Conquering mount Everest? An Olympic gold? Acts of bravery in war against enemies? Fighting against odds and coming back triumphant – probably that is how I would define courage. Read more…