At, we want to encourage you to blog about Manipal (Or whichever place you live at), your college experiences, Movie/Book/Video Game reviews, food, travel, hotel or even your creativity in the form of Cartoons/Photography/Short Stories and Poetry.

Our goal is four-fold

  • To raise visibility of Manipal and it’s beautiful surroundings.
  • To encourage your creative talents and give a platform for taking your views to the world.
  • To make a contribution to our life experience as part of Manipal and Mangalore and elsewhere where the Manipal University institutions are present.
  • To give every newbie and resident of Manipal, a perspective of what can be termed as The Manipal Experience. is now recruiting! To be a part of our team, fill in the respective forms by clicking the Categories below. If you want to apply for multiple teams, please fill the forms separately.

Any queries can be emailed to [email protected]. Contact Satyam at +91 89846 86629 or at Rishita at +91 89613 11213 for other details.


  1. How can one contact manipal blog to contribute any piece of writing ? Where is the provision ? Cant find one ..

    • Hello Shruti please use the contact form – with your name, your institution, where you are located and where you
      are originally from. What is the stuff you would like to be blogging
      about (it may be on any or all the topics we have mentioned above). We
      would also like a sample of your writing. (This is not mandatory,
      however It would help us in allotting our editorial staff).

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