Is it worth devoting your life to the career after divorce?

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In California it is really easy to build a career due to the high percentage of the working places and the professions available, so if you are eager to relieve your pain after the exhausting divorce case with all the unpleasant issues such as preparation of the divorce documents, filing for divorce, waiting for the final judgment, etc, you can definitely do it with the help of the career ladder! According to the latest research and latest data that have been investigated recently, the labor market of California is full of those who want to find the job of their dreams. If you are searching the information about the employment in California or just want to dig into the career, we will speak about this topic immediately!

When you want to devote your life to the career after the divorce, your idea seems to be right. You will not think all the time about the pain that you have, will not discuss the current problems with your ex-spouse, you will just be fully involved into the another sphere! The psychologists claim that the more we work, the less time we have to think over the problems that we face every day or other items. The people who are clearly concentrated on the process of working are more stress-resistant and more self-organized. It is a really important issue for the future career builders due to the fact that they need to develop self-assurance, self-esteem. etc. After the divorce case, we can see that our self-estimation falls down because of the terrible process of the war with your spouse, if the process was a contested one or just unpleasant moments if the procedure of the divorce was an uncontested one. We are speaking about the total regression of the person after such painful processes as the divorce. The psychologists also claim that if you are ready to become a career monster, you need to be cold-blooded and do not react to some human factors as nerves, personal preferences, dependence on people. etc. These factors can reflect you from the main goal, to become a high-class professional and build a perfect career. However, is it so needed for you to become almost a robot and crash everything towards your goals? What cons can be not to devote your lie that is only one to the career after the divorce, and begin a new life full of various impressions and new emotions?

  1. You will not have enough time for your family. It is really so. If you are completely involved into the career and have no exit from it, you will not even notice how your relatives are far away from you. Your parents, your children. friends and all other people who love you so much will not be able to watch you, speak to you, etc. You are really suffering from the betrayal, but other people also suffer from the fact that you are not with them. People can help you to be alive, be full of energy, because no career will substitute a big hug of your mum or a warm conversation with your sister. If you do not want to lose it, do not be so concentrated on the career.
  2. You will not notice other people. The more you are working, the less you notice other people, their needs. their interests, their ups and downs. It is really pity. You should firstly be among the people to overcome your pain, not hide it in the deep chest. Interacting and communication especially after the deep depression will treat your soul and give you the possibility to share both your bad and good feelings.
  3. You can lose your personality. Among all other other factors, this one is truly important. The constant deals make you really work-dependent. You do not notice anything else, your life is not so bright as it used to be some time ago, etc. For sure you will have a good bunch of money, however, will it make you happy? In our opinion, totally not! For sure, each person needs some money, needs good and expensive clothes, holidays in the costly countries, although it is not all that you need. You also need from time to time just an interesting film, a small talk with your parents, a party with your friends, etc. Do not lose your personal goal and become just a boring clerk who sits all the time at the office and hates everybody.
  4. You may not find another love. This factor seems to be rather significant, even more than you expect. Imagine, you are constantly working, and you do not have enough time for the other deals. You divorce case has already gone, so you definitely need another relations to be completely happy. A person cannot live alone it is not right and not convenient because anyway you are thinking about the family, children or else, even if you already have children for instance. Inside your soul you know that you need all these things, but you are afraid to trust one more person and be deceived again. The more you hesitate and hide at work all your fears, the fewer chances to find a person who will truly appreciate you and will be grateful to you for your meeting. It is easy enough. You let the person go in your life and do not  wait for the result of it. You just want to be happy and make your life full of the sense of living. It is hard, truly and undeniably hard, but you deserve being protected from all the bad things in this world and you need to know what is one love for the whole life.

Well, to sum up  everything being said above, if you think that a career will help you to be happy again after the divorce case, you are not fully right. For the first time it can do it, but later you will see that there are a lot of other things to make you happy, so earn money, be a business-oriented, however, never make it the main goal of your life! Remember that you always deserve more!

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