How to make the Roomie Relationship work in Manipal Hostels!

I just read a comment that said something like ‘I am worried about the roommate I’ll get‘. So here’s some advice on how to make this roomie relationship work, and let it last the entire year without any breakups.The Quintessential Guide to Surviving Manipal, India

  1. Be ready to compromise and be ready to share.
  2. Please don’t be a neat freak. That’s a huge turnoff in your roomie relationship.
  3. If you want the room to yourself, just tell your roommate the real reason, whatever it maybe, and don’t make some weird stuff up. I had a neighbor who kept his roomie waiting outside most of the time saying he was taking a bath, whereas he could hear the chairs move in the room. It’s a college hostel, no one cares what the truth is as long a its the truth.
  4. Try to socialize. If you sit in your room all day watching movies (pretty much my story), you usually won’t earn any points.
  5. Your roommate need not be your best friend. Probably, he won’t be anything more than a friend, but that’s what he should be, a friend and not an enemy – you don’t wanna be living with an enemy…that’s when things get real ugly sometimes.
  6. If your roommate wants to smoke weed in your room and you don’t want to, just say no. Sometimes it is better to say no than to compromise, you need to realize when you should give in and when not to. And most people won’t take that negatively. You shouldn’t get such a roommate but if you do get politely refuse and say you’ll not allow these things in your room, he’ll accept that. Remember you are not in school anymore where for a trivial problem you rushed to teachers and parents, try to handle the situation yourself. Only if it spirals out contact your peers first.
  7. If your roommate asks for your help, don’t be an a**, just do it even if it’s a little trouble for you. After all, you never know when you might be the one in need someday.
  8. Forgive but never forget.
  9. Well, even if you follow all this, there are always people who are just s*** from top to bottom. Well, with such people, there’s nothing much you can do. Pray to god you don’t end up with one of those, and if you do, trick someone else into exchanging the room with you *evil smile*.

Hostel life is to learn how to adjust and live your life on your own, so do that.

I could write a lot more on this, but this should suffice. With that being said, worrying about your roommate won’t get you anywhere. Last year, we had some seniors make up a roommate finding system online, wherein everyone posted their room numbers and if your roommate also happened to post their room number, they would match you up you could chat here on FB and start your relationship before even reaching Manipal. Might put your mind at east, that’s what I did I think. But that’s a long shot though.

About the Author: Arvind Sasikumar is a student at Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal and also works at Neo-Nova Marketing Solutions as a web-developer. He is passionate about music and plays the guitar and piano.

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